Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

Experts in Future of A.I.

In the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), our A.I speakers can help in deciphering the future trajectory of this transformative technology.

At Great British Speakers,  our A.I thought leaders stress the need to view technology not as a threat but as a tool that, when harnessed appropriately, can enhance human experiences and capabilities.

Our experts possess a deep understanding of AI’s technical intricacies and exhibit a keen awareness of its societal impact. They also emphasize the importance of continuous learning and skill adaptation, recognising that staying ahead in this AI-driven era requires a proactive approach.

By exploring avenues that align technological progress with human well-being, our A.I experts pave the way for a future where A.I contributes positively to our businesses and overall lifestyle. Their insights inspire a mindset shift, urging individuals and societies to welcome AI as a collaborative partner rather than a force to be feared or resisted.

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Arts & Antiques

If you’re looking for a speaker or event host with a connection to the Arts and Antiques industry then, our team at Great British Speakers can help you find a speaker or event host that will engage, entertain and ensure your event is remember for all the right reasons.

Our Art and Antique speakers have a wealth of experience and expertise in the field; from the history of art and collectables, to modern day design, interiors, fashion and art entrepreneurship, and even NFTs. 

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Black History Month

At Great British Speakers, we’re proud to be working alongside the most sensational line-up of inspirational black speakers from a variety of cultural backgrounds and industries – all deeply motivational and passionate about BAME, cultural and workplace concerns. Our Black History Month motivational speakers are here to help businesses and event organisers support and educate their employees and/or audiences on these crucial matters.

By incorporating Equality, Inclusion and Diversity into their team building, training and workplace events,  we can learn to provide a better, more inclusive community for all.


Why is Black History Month Important?

Black History Month first came to prominence in the UK in the 1980s, with the first organised events taking place in London in 1987.  The movement, which happens here in the UK every October, was first proposed by Black scholars in the US, looking for ways to challenge racism and celebrate black culture and the lives of black people who have done remarkable things around the world.

Despite this revolutionary movement and the rise of equality and diversity awareness, racism is still present in our everyday lives. This was no more evident than in 2020 when we witnessed the world come together in response to the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in the United States.

The demonstrations of solidarity that followed sparked what became to be known as the #BlackLivesMatter movement, a worldwide movement for equality and justice again racial discrimination.

As a result of Black Lives Matter, Black History Month (BHM) 2021, was significant and yet in the months that followed, England players at Euro 2020 also became victims of racial abuse online, demonstrating that there is still a long way to go for racial equality.  Black History Month continues to grow in strength each year and is an important reminder of equality and solidarity for the BAME community.


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‘’Burnout’’ has become a well-known buzzword over the last few years, predominantly used to define a sense of stress caused by work overload. But now the World Health Organisation have assigned ‘Burnout’’ as an ‘occupational phenomenon’, with research showing devastating implications for people who ignore it, with depression, addictions, relationship issues and even suicide all being potential risks.

Burnout has become an increasing concern affecting professionals across various industries due to today’s fast-paced and high-pressure environments. Keynote speakers specialising in addressing this issue bring invaluable insights and strategies to organisations, helping them recognise, manage, and prevent this debilitating condition.

Our keynote burnout speakers offer practical tools for enhancing mental health, boosting productivity, and fostering a supportive workplace culture. By tackling burnout head-on, they empower audiences to build resilience, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and ultimately, sustain long-term career satisfaction and business success.

Explore our blog featuring one of our exceptional speakers on the subject, Andrew Pain.


At Great British Speakers, we work with the UK’s leading speakers to inspire and educate. To book a leading Burnout speaker or make an enquiry,  get in touch with the team at Great British Speakers today!

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Booking a top business speaker is sure to elevate your corporate event to the next level, by engaging your audience and inspiring them to take action to succeed.   At Great British Speakers, we work with some of the UK’s top business leaders: successful entrepreneurs, company CEO’s and board executives from a whole host of industries, including tech, health, sport and more…

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Cancer Awareness

With 1 in 2 of us predicted to develop cancer at some point in our lives, awareness of the disease is imperative to ensure more people survive. With 1/3 of all cancer cases being prevented by lifestyle changes, it’s important to learn how to spot the signs and how to access medical help early.


At Great British Speakers, we work alongside many renowned and professional Cancer awareness and health experts, all with personal and/or professional reasons as to why cancer awareness is an important topic for them. By hiring a Cancer Awareness Speaker, you not just help to raise awareness, but offer your audience the tools and guidance to spot the signs early.  Our Cancer Awareness Speakers encourage resilience, drive motivation and empower through tales of overcoming adversity.

Our inspirational Cancer awareness speakers include Bridgid Nzekwu (who has had the disease twice), prostate Cancer speaker Clive Branson, and breast Cancer survivor Louise McMilan.

We also have sports presenter Simon Thomas, who lost his wife Gemma just three days after she was diagnosed with Leukemia, and Dr Brooke Vandermolen, an expert in gynecologic health, including ovarian cancer as well as other female health concerns.

Every one of our cancer awareness speakers can provide you with an inspirational tale, ensuring that prevention is one of the key elements to curing cancer.

Planning a Cancer Awareness Event – search our event’s calendar for Speakers for;


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Change & Innovation


Our inspirational, Creativity, Change and Innovation Speakers are some of the most business-driven and tech-savvy on the speakers’ circuit.

Having made incredible advancements in their respective fields, these speakers know how to offer a fresh perspective and develop creative ideas. As motivational keynote speakers, they can provide practical techniques to improve your business strategy, enhance leadership skills and, of course, lead creativity with innovation.

Some of our top  Great British Creativity, Change and Innovation Speakers include Christopher Howell, who demonstrates that change management, professional development, and creativity are some of the most valuable skills we can develop.

Adah Parris and Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon are two of our most inspirational female change and innovation speakers who specialise in STEM, diversity and future change.

Keynote speaker Gerd Leonard is renowned for his hard-hitting, provocative, inspiring, often humorous, and always personal motivational style. He is highly regarded as a global influencer and has advised many business leaders and government officials about global business changes.

Learn more about our creativity, change and innovation speakers and how they can enhance your event here;-

Other Change and Innovation speakers include James Poulter, who’s an experienced speaker on innovation and emerging technologies; international innovation speaker Nigel Barlow, whose keynotes on mindset and inventing the future have inspired countless audiences; and strategist David Birss whose keynote talks and workshops not only debunk the myths and misunderstandings surrounding creativity and innovation but also present new methodologies, frameworks and practical exercises.

Boost Your Business Performance with a Leading Creativity, Change and Innovation Speaker

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Consumer Trends

An expert keynote speaker in Consumer Trends can help your business focus on various digital platforms and distribution channels. These speakers and influencers deeply understand customer behaviour and the changes that can influence future trends, so when it comes to growing your business, these speakers are experts. They can enhance your growth strategy and increase social engagement.

So, if you’re looking to communicate an idea to your employees and/or audience, then hiring a corporate consumer-trends speaker is a great way to do this. By having an experienced consumer trends speaker on board, known for their success within your industry, you can gain valuable insight into increasing your business profile and generating new ideas.

Our innovative consumer trend speakers can introduce audiences to new and exciting opportunities. While they’re all listed below, some of our most popular consumer trends speakers include Geoff Ramm, who is the creator of Celebrity Service and OMG Marketing and Phil Hesketh, who combines a powerful mix of well-researched, persuasive techniques with a unique brand of humour. He inspires, entertains, and informs about buying, selling, persuading, and influencing work. He is inspirational, motivational and thought-provoking and gives ‘can-use-today’ techniques to be more influential.

Other consumer trends speakers include Blaire Palmer, Chole Combi, Sam Jones, and Lazar Dzamic, the former head of brand planning at Google Zoo.

We can help you find the perfect Consumer Trends speaker at Great British Speakers.


To book any of our Consumer Trends Speakers, contact the team at Great British Speakers today!

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Disability Awareness

Disability isn’t always visible. That’s why it’s important you know how to build a thriving, inclusive workplace where everyone – no matter of ability – feels like they can contribute and feel a valued part of the team.

But where to start?  Business leaders can take action in helping their employees and audiences by hiring a disability awareness speaker who will educate, entertain and motivate no matter the event.

Whether you’re after a highly motivational resilience speaker, or a educational keynote about how your business can be more accommodating to those with invisible illnesses and mental health concerns, our inspirational  disability speakers specialise in creating inclusive places for your employees to openly discuss workplace equality and inclusion concerns.

Plus, our disability speaker will ensure that your message is address via their tailored toolbox of key takeaways that are set to inspire positive workplaces changes.

Our motivational disability speakers include some of the most inspirational on the speakers circuit, including Claire LomasWinston Ben ClementsKatie PiperMichael Mcgrath, Amit Patel Ade Adepitan, Amar Latif, Sophie Morgan and Chris Fisher. As well as Paralympians Steve BrownLiz JohnsonStef Reid,  and Giles Long just to name a few…

Our disability awareness speakers are able to offer true insight how workplaces can be more disability-friendly, but ultimately they demonstrate that, we can all strive to achieve when given the confidence to do so.


At Great British Speakers, we work with the UK’s leading disability awareness speakers to speak at your next Disability Inclusion Event. To book a leading Disability Awareness speaker or make an enquiry,  get in touch with the team at Great British Speakers today!

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An educational speaker plays a crucial role in disseminating knowledge, inspiring learners, and fostering personal and professional development.


Educational topics aren’t solely what you learn in a classroom – although that is important too! Our educational speakers touch many subjects, from anti-bullying, diversity and inclusion, LGBTQ+ representation, disability awareness, mental and physical health, gender imbalance, and future change… just to name a few.

Their role as educational speakers fracturs into multiple roles. From knowledge facilitators, motivators, and catalysts for personal and professional growth; they contribute to the overall educational experience by providing valuable insights, fostering motivation, and enhancing interactive learning opportunities.

Just some of our educational speakers include Millennial/Gen Z expert Sam Jones,  female STEM speakers Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE, Dr Ozak Esu, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, and Dr Liberty Vittert.  young inventor Ann Makosinski, anti-bullying speakers Alex Staniforth and Ben Smith,  LGBTQ+ advocate Matt Ellison, and disability speaker Jamie McAnsh.

Discover all of our Educational Speakers below or get in touch for a personalised shortlist.

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Our entertainers will help you bring your event to life!

We know hiring a professional entertainer can be stressful, a lot rides on getting it right! 

With their hosting and entertaining skills you can relax and enjoy, knowing your event entertainment is in capable hands with a top entertainer at Great British Speakers.

We know a professional entertainer needs to be considerate of the client’s needs, and flexible to provide a performance tailored to the vision they have for their event. So, whether you’re looking to reward your employees with a high-profile entertainer, looking for an engaging host, considering a renowned after dinner speaker to inspire or deliver a message, or perhaps you’re after a well known name for a product launch, our entertainers are on hand to help.

So if you’re running an event, do get in touch with us at Great British Speakers to hire your perfect entertainer for the day!

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The importance of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion is finally getting recognition and organisations should be looking to always build strong, diverse teams.  Using their own experiences our speakers help to achieve inclusivity and are able to offer true insight, sharing their own personal tales of achievement and upheaval – that’s got them to where they are today!

With the aim to educate and inspire, our E, D & I speakers have a resounding impact.  They are often booked by businesses and schools to give educational talks on topics such as gender equality, ethnic discrimination, disability, LGBTQ+ rights and religion; to understand the diverse world we live in and social, political and economic times, there has never been a better time to hire an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion speaker for your event.

Just some of our top E, D & I speakers include;  Shola Kaye, Adah Parris, Alexandra Wilson, Amy Lame, Ben Smith, Maki Mandela, Emma Dabiri, Karen Blackett, Kathy Lette, Matt Ellison, Michael Fuller, Sir Ken Olisa, Will Njobvu and Ozak Esu

And when it comes to disability within the workplace we are fortunate enough to be working alongside some of the country’s most inspirational speakers including Claire Lomas, Winston Ben Clements, Katie Piper, Michael Mcgrath, Ade Adepitan, Steve Brown, Liz Johnson, Amit Patel, Sophie Morgan, Stef Reid, Amar Latif, Chris Fisher and Giles Long just to name a few…

So if you’d like to book any of these incredible speakers – or perhaps you have someone else in mind, then do get in touch.  

To book any of our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Speakers,  get in touch with us at Great British Speakers today!

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Exploration & Military

Our extraordinary Adventure, Exploration & Military speakers are some of the most inspirational speakers on the circuit.  

With their personal anecdotes of the dangers they’ve encountered, plus their drive to overcome any adversity thrown their way, their stories will leave your audience in awe, motivated and engaged.

From Astronaut Major Tim Peake, to survival expert Bear Grylls – at Great British Speakers we work alongside some of the top names in exploration,  who are sure to excite and motivate your audience,  leaving them feeling inspired, energised and motivated. 

Many of our adventures also offer team building workshops and event days so you can really get stuck into what it’s like being a survival expert. 

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Fashion & Beauty

Our fashion and beauty speakers are well respected within the industry. Many are popular influences with huge social media following, and YouTube channels.  

Being in the public eye, our fashion & beauty influences are confident public speakers, attending product launches and events worldwide to help increase audiences engagement and trust in a client’s product.   Their ability to blend your brand with their public image is a huge benefit, as having a trusted fashion and beauty influencer on board to endorse your product, gives potential customers peace of mind that the brand is of a quality people can rely on.

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Finance & Cost of Living

Any successful business will tell you that knowing how to look after the finances, is vital. And with the future economic forecast uncertain, being clever money has perhaps never been more crucial. With their expert experience, our finance speakers are guaranteed to offer useful information that you can apply immediately, which can help you save money – from investing to marketing and personal finance too!

To book any of our Cost of Living Financial Experts, get in touch with us at Great British Speakers today!

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Hire a visionary Futurist speaker –

The demand for new skill sets is paramount, with exponential technological advancements reshaping our daily lives and societies globally. We must adeptly navigate these changes or risk being overtaken by them. Embracing technology rather than being subsumed by it is crucial. Our Futurist speakers offer guidance to transcend technological adoption, focusing instead on nurturing genuine human values within this evolving digital landscape. They help identify avenues for leveraging digital progress to enrich our businesses and quality of life.

Some of our leading Futurist keynote speakers include cultural innovator Adah Paris,  Future Change expert Gerd Leonard, Future Lab Founder and Marketing expert Chris Sanderson, and Millennial and Gen Z trends business Futurist Kate Ancketill.

However, we have many more, which you can view below.

Expand the search with our AI Speakers

To book any of our Futurist speakers or make an enquiry, get in touch with us at Great British Speakers today!

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Gardens & Landscaping

At Great British Speakers we have a range of horticulture experts and  famous gardening presenters, landscapers, architects, environmentalists, and even florists who are available to host your floral event,  do Q&As or even keynote talks on a variety of garden-topics, from how gardening and enhance wellbeing to sustainable landscaping and design. 

From Gardener’s World’s Adam Frost, Carol Klein, Flo Headlam, Joe Swash, to Love Your Garden’s David Domoney, Frances Tophill and Katie Rushworth, to the legend that is Alan Titchmarsh, our selection of highly recognisable and respected gardening talent gives you the perfect opportunity to add a green-fingered star to your event.

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Gen Z

What is Gen Z?

Gen Z (Generation Z) refers to people born between the mid 1990’s – and early 2010’s.

Known for being tech-savvy, socially conscious, and diverse, they are a generation that has grown up in a world dominated by social media and connectivity, making Gen Z  naturally adept at navigating future business trends and landscapes

Gen Z strongly emphasises individuality and authenticity, with their experiences shaped by significant events such as growing social media, technological developments, current economic challenges, and global issues like climate change and social justice movements.


Why Should Businesses Hire a Gen Z Speaker?

Hiring a Gen Z speaker offers businesses invaluable insights into this influential generation’s mindset, preferences, and behaviours. ​These speakers, many Gen Z themselves, can provide perspectives on digital culture, social media trends, and communication and consumer behaviour dynamics.

Our Gen Z speakers can also highlight the benefits of hiring Gen Z employees as more of this generation enters the workforce. 

​By hiring Gen Z employees, businesses gain several advantages; 

-Gen Z’s understanding of digital technologies and social media platforms offers companies advanced insight into modern marketing and communication, which is great for companies seeking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

-Gen Z can offer fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. They often possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to make meaningful contributions, making them valuable assets to any business looking to innovate and thrive in the digital age.

-Gen Z employees are typically quick learners, adaptable to change, and often comfortable collaborating in diverse teams.

By leveraging the expertise​ of a Gen Z speaker, businesses can better connect with Gen Z audiences, tailor their marketing strategies, and enhance workplace dynamics. Ultimately, a Gen Z speaker can help organisations stay ahead in a rapidly changing world by understanding and engaging effectively with this key demographic


At Great British Speakers, we work with the UK’s leading speakers to inspire and educate. To book a leading Gen Z speaker or make an enquiry,  get in touch with the team at Great British Speakers today!

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Hidden Disabilities

It’s estimated that roughly 1 in 5 of the UK population has a disability, with 80% of those having an invisible, or hidden disability, which works out at roughly 10 million people in the UK.  And yet, those with a hidden disability can often feel on their own.

Hidden disabilities includes, but is not limited to, neurodivergent conditions, such as autism and ADHD, chronic illnesses and mental health conditions, such as depression and OCD.

Our leading Hidden Disability  Speakers include Thomas Duncan Bell, Shakira Akabusi, Lisa Ventura, Shaun Flores, J. Grange, Joe Wells, Hannah Witton, and Andy Evans who, between them, live with bipolar, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, neurodiversity, autism, colitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and anxiety.

It is imperative that your workplace and its staff are fully informed about ensuring their colleagues with hidden disabilities and included, valued, and empowered.

Learn more about our Hidden Disability Speakers HERE. 

Contact us today at Great British Speakers to hire an inspirational Hidden Disability Speaker for your next corporate talk or event. Contact us.

High Performance

Everyone wants the best out of their workforce, but at times it can be hard to motivate employees. Hiring a high-performance speaker can offer a range of benefits to various events, including keynote talks in the workplace.

Our High Performance Speakers are able to enhance leadership skills, improve staff productivity, increase business development, and motivate people to achieve anything they set their minds to – whether it be personal or professional.

Here at Great British Speakers, we have a team of successful high-performance keynote speakers, including  acclaimed Academic & Performance Coach Damian Hughes who’s High Performance Podcast, with co-presenter Jake Humphrey, provides education for industry leaders to reach their full business potentional. To date (2023), the Podcast has over 60 million streams and downloads.

Other High Performance speakers include Maggie Alphonsi MBE, Sir Clive Woodward, Phil Jones MBE, Alison Edgar MBE, Penny Mallory, and Matthew Syed, who are all available for team talks, corporate presentations, and some even offer interactive workshops, aiming to inspire and empower audiences in the business world.

Our high performance speakers cover a range of topics from personal growth to success strategies, professional development and increased leadership skills.  The best high-performing speakers are those who have life experience of the highs and the lows, benefits and challenges within a work environment.

Discover more:  Our Top 10 High Performance Speakers to Motivate Your Team

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Delving into our history, culture and heritage should be an exciting and engaging experience.

At Great British Speakers, we work alongside some of the most expert historians and keynote history speakers, all experts within their specific fields and able to offer additional knowledge and keen insight to details of our past that are often overlooked.

To book any of our expert Historians contact us at or call +44 1753 439 289


Hospitality, Food & Drink

If you’re running a hospitality event or work within the food and drink industry, hiring a Hospitality speaker or event host can really bring your event to life.

Our hospitality, food and drink speakers are available for corporate speaking engagements, event hosting, Q&A’s and even cooking demos, tastings and workshops – with our hospitality professionals you’re spoiled for choice as to what kind of event you can create!

To book any of our expert Hospitality, Food & Drink speakers contact us at or call +44 1753 439 289


Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon where individuals doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud, despite evidence of their competence. Hiring an speaker who’s expert on the topic therefore, can offer several benefits for individuals and organisations.

Our Imposter Syndrome Speakers don’t just help to raise awareness and understanding of Imposter Syndrome, they also help teams to build skills and develop business dynamics.  These speakers provide audiences with the tools and key takeaways to feel capable and no longer feel like the Imposter.

Our imposter syndrome speakers include Andrew PainPoorna BellPhil DrinkwaterKate Atkin, and Rosalyn Palmer; all successful individuals in their chosen industry, all of whom have experienced the feeling of imposter syndrome  in their career.

Ultimately, tackling Imposter Syndrome can contribute to a healthier, more supportive workplace culture, improve individual and team performance, and positively impact overall organisational success.

Learn more about Imposter Syndrome HERE

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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) happens annually on 8th March.  It’s an occasion to highlight and celebrate women’s achievements thought-out history and in modern-day society; to raise awareness about gender discrimination and how we can forge a way for equal rights within the workplace and beyond.

Hiring a motivational female speaker is just one of the ways you can get involved with International Women’s Day. Whether a live, virtual or hybrid event, our female speakers are eager to inspire and encourage your female audience by offering support, guidance and their incredible expertise.  Our International Women’s Day speakers aren’t just for female audiences; however, our IWD can easily motivate and engage with male audiences too!

International Women’s Day shouldn’t just be for one day! It’s a great catalyst for events organisers and business leaders to work towards gender equality year-round.


To book any of our inspirational International Women’s Day Speakers, get in touch with the team at Great British Speakers!

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Law, Crime & Security

Hiring a law, crime, or security speaker can indeed be a captivating way to engage your audience and provide valuable insights. These experts can offer a unique perspective, share real-life experiences, and discuss emerging trends and challenges in their respective fields.

Just some of our leading Law, Crime & Security Speakers are London Barrister Alexandra Wilson, who first came to public attention when she spoke about how she was mistaken for a defendant rather than the barrister three times on the same day in court; undercover investigator turned TV presenter Danni Brook, ‘Real Hussle’ host Alexis Conran, Maggie Oliver, a former detective who exposed The Rochdale Grooming Scandal,  and security consultant Ben Major.

To book any of our Law, Crime & Security speakers contact us at or call +44 1753 439 289


Leadership & Teamwork

A successful business is built on strong leadership and a productive team. But how do you know whether your business leadership is benefiting your employees and customers? Since the COVID-lockdown’s the way most of us do business and connect with our team and customers, has changed – so it’s crucially important that your organisation has the right direction and leadership to flourish and communicate as we all begin to recover and work with a ‘new normal.’

At Great British Speakers, we’ve enrolled the help of some of the country’s best Leadership & Teamwork keynote speakers and business coaches who are able to tailor their talks and workshops to suit your audience and business needs, helping your team to embrace this ‘new normal and find opportunities for business growth and personal development.

To book any of our Leadership and Teamwork Speakers, get in touch with us at Great British Speakers today!

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The importance of Equality, Diversity, and inclusion is finally getting recognition, and organisations should always aim to build strong, diverse teams.

Using their own experiences, our LGBTQ+ speakers are here to help you achieve LGBTQ inclusivity within the workplaces, educational environments and beyond…

To educate and inspire, our LGBTQ+ Speakers have a resounding impact. Businesses and schools often book them to give educational talks on topics such as gender equality, sexuality, discrimination, and LGBTQ+ rights – they are popular for Pride Month events.

To understand our diverse world and social, political and economic times, there has never been a better time to hire an LGBTQ+ workplace equality speaker for your event.

Discover the best of our LGBTQ+ speakers in our latest Pride Month blog below…

Why Book a Pride Month Speaker?

Pride Month is an opportunity to raise awareness about pride in the workplace and ensure the support of LGBTQ+ people.

Employers can play a big part in creating this feeling of equality by providing them with a safe space to be themselves. Some employers may not know how to broach the subject, but it’s easier than you might think:

Educate your staff on different groups of people

Challenge exclusionary language and behaviour

Invite staff to share their own experiences

Be a friend and an ally – having just one person in your corner can reduce suicidal thoughts of LGBTQ+ people by 40%

By creating and promoting an inclusive and equal workplace, we offer employees the opportunity to feel valued and respected, which promotes higher productivity and output. Therefore, a diverse team is a strong team.


To book any of our LGBTQ+ Pride Month Speakers, contact us at Great British Speakers today!

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Mental Health & Wellness

Over the last few years, discussions on mental health, have been on the rise, and perhaps unsurprisingly one of the main causes of poor mental health is found to be a negative and/or stressful work environment.  And, with men significantly less likely to discuss their mental health with friends and family, it’s important that we (as employers, colleagues and friends) encourage men as well as women, to speak up about their wellbeing.

Just some of our inspirational Male Mental Health Speakers include Roman Kemp, Andrew Pain, Ben Smith and Alex Staniforth – who use their experiences to help and inspire other men to overcome their own mental battles, and ultimately achieve their potential, both within the workplace and in their own personal lives.


To book one of our Health and Wellness Speakers , get in touch with us at Great British Speakers today!

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Whether you’re looking to entertain, educate, or inspire your audience, our motorsports speakers have the ability to engage and captivate with their incredible stories. From Formula 1 racers to motorcycle champions, motorsports commentators and even classic car enthusiasts and restoration experts,  we have a diverse roster of talented individuals who can bring the thrill of the racing world to your event.

To book any of our Motoring Speakers contact us at or call +44 1753 439 289


Nature & Conservation

From some of the country’s top wildlife presenters, tv-explorers to zoologists, biologists and animal rights campaigners – our Nature and Conservation speakers will engage with your audience, encourage teamwork, and inspire sustainable change – all while raising awareness of the importance of conserving natural habitats.  

Many of our Nature and Wildlife speakers have direct experience working with animals in their natural habitats and have seen first-hand the devastating impact of current environmental concerns such as plastic pollution and climate change are having, making them incredibly passionate speakers for conservation and/or sustainability events. 

To book any of our Nature and Conservation Speakers or make an enquiry contact us by email at or call +44 1753 439 289

Olympians & Paralympians

Our inspirational Olympic and Paralympic speakers are some of the UK’s most well-known sporting icons, such as Olympic female boxer Nicola Adams and athletes Kelly Holmes and Colin Jackson who are not only experts in their field, but also excellent high-profile motivational speakers and entertaining awards hosts for any sports-savvy event. 

Many of our Olympic and Paralympic athletics are also now popular sports commentators and can even be hired as presenters for sports commentary.

These sports speakers have the most inspirational stories to tell.  With their incredible work ethic and ability to overcome adversities, their talks offer expert advice on staying motivated, handling pressure and dealing with success.

To book an Olympic or Paralympic Sports Speaker , get in touch with us at Great British Speakers today!

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Hiring a speaker on parenting offers numerous benefits for individuals and organisations seeking to support parents and caregivers.

Our parenting speakers provide evidence-based insights and practical strategies to address common parenting challenges, such as managing difficult child behaviour, fostering emotional resilience, and balancing work and family life. They bring a wealth of knowledge with backgrounds in child psychology, mental health, and effective communication, helping parents better understand and meet their children’s needs.

Additionally, our parenting speakers can offer specialised guidance on issues like postpartum health, birth trauma,  and inner child healing – helping parents to break free from past traumas that can hinder personal growth and healthy relationships with their children.

These speakers can also offer dedicated support for fathers, helping them navigate their unique challenges, embrace their role, and strengthen their bond with their children.

By hiring a parenting speaker, parents gain valuable tools and confidence to create a nurturing and supportive environment for their children. This ultimately fosters healthier family dynamics and contributes to overall well-being.


At Great British Speakers, we work with the UK’s leading Parenting speakers to inspire and educate. To book a leading speaker or make an enquiry, contact the team at Great British Speakers today!

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Personal Development

We are thrilled to offer a diverse selection of Personal Development speakers who can motivate, inspire, and challenge your audience to reach new heights.

Our speakers are experienced in delivering powerful keynote talks that ignite personal growth. They share their own motivational stories, insights, and strategies for overcoming obstacles, setting goals, and achieving success. Through their engaging presentations, they provide practical tips and tools that empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives, both personally and professionally.


To book a Personal Development Speaker , get in touch with us at Great British Speakers today!

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Politics & Current Affairs

Politicians are highly experienced speakers who can discuss a diverse range of hard-hitting topics. From hosting keynotes on environmental issues, international welfare, economics and business to facilitating conferences, their unique insight is sure to intrigue and capture the attention of any audience. Our political speakers come from a variety of backgrounds from former government officials to MPs and political party candidates.

With politics and business becoming more entwined than ever before, it’s vital that when choosing a Politics and Current Affairs Speaker, you know that the person who chooses really understands today’s political climate. Our political speakers include some of the most renowned names in Politics, current affairs, journalism, economics and more…

To book any of our Political and Current Affairs Speakers or make an enquiry, contact us by email at or call +44 1753 439 289

Property & Interiors

Creating the ‘perfect home’ is something we all aspire to, but often feels too out of reach for many homeowners. But, an inspirational property and interior design speaker can help! 

Our property speakers include Phil Spencer, Kirsty Allsopp, George Clarke and Sarah Beeny – just some of the UK’s top leading property TV presenters.  So if you’re looking for a property host to really entice people to your event, then one of these popular presenters could be the solution.  

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With the entire world being turned upside down by Coronavirus, developing our Mental Toughness is now more important than ever.

Our business & resilience speakers are set to motivate any audience and inspire them to persevere in pursuit of their achieving their goals.  They have all gone through their own adversities and come back stronger!  Their resolve to overcome both mental and physical challenges is what makes them truly motivational resilience speakers.

Hiring a Resilience speaker offers audiences tools to succeed in today’s fast-paced lifestyle; increasing resilience, focus, confidence and attitude, transforms performance and profitability. With increased Mental Resilience we can learn to manage the stress and pressures we all face in today’s society and reduce workplace stresses to enhance mental wellbeing because the mental health of your organisation and employees is vital.

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Sales & Marketing

The sales and marketing team is often a driving force behind any successful business. Not only is it their job to promote the businesses but also to form long profitable relationships with the customer and manage customer queries and any complaints.  So, If you’re looking to communicate an idea to your employees and/or audience, then hiring a sales and marketing expert speaker, is a great way to do this.

Perhaps, it’s a new business module you wish to pitch or a new commercial campaign – but having an experienced business speaker on board, who’s known for their success within your industry, can be a great way to increase your business profile and generate new ideas and sales.

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Speaker Coaching

If you’re a team leader or often ask to coach events then a professional speaking coach will help you to deliver.


Delivering a professional talk extends isn’t always easy.  They need to be articulate, present the subject matter clearly, be insightful, engage the audience and express genuine passion and confidence.  And hiring a speaking coach, can help team leaders and employers reach these marks and deliver presentations to their teams and external audiences effectively.

Just some of our Speaking Coaches include; Jasper Taylor, Mark Clemmit, Andrew Thorp, Esther Stanhope, David Gillespie, and David Thomas.

Our speakers’ coaching provides a personalised and focused approach to improving communication skills, fostering confidence, and enhancing overall effectiveness in various personal and professional situations. The benefits extend beyond formal presentations to positively impact teams, career development and personal growth.

They can also assist in developing your business goals by crafting a concise and impactful speech or presentation and are adept at training you in the art of delivering a speech to captivate your audience.

Overcoming a fear of public speaking and cultivating enjoyment in the process is another area where a coach proves invaluable.

Additionally, their impartial perspective contributes to refining your speech to its best possible version. Coaches can also play a role in improving sales pitches, bids, and investment requests.

Discover ALL of our Speaking Coaches below.

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Our inspirational sports stars are some of the UK’s most well-known sporting icons, such as Olympic female boxer Nicola Adams and athletes Kelly Holmes and Colin Jackson who are not only experts in their field, but also excellent high-profile motivational speakers and entertaining awards hosts for any sports-savvy event.  Our celebrity sports stars include players from all arenas, including football, rugby,  cricket, darts, snooker and boxing.  We also represent many Olympic and Paralympic athletics, many of which are also now popular sports commentators and can even be hired as presenters for sports commentary.

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Whether aiming to inspire young audiences to pursue careers in STEM or assisting businesses seeking innovative, tech-savvy ideas, speakers specializing in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are in high demand.

Despite this popularity and significant societal presence, women currently hold only 24% of STEM roles (as of 2021). Consequently, influential women in STEM who advocate for greater diversity in the field are becoming increasingly essential. Our female STEM speakers are doing an outstanding job of boosting female representation in these areas.

At Great British Speakers, we collaborate with the UK’s leading STEM experts, including female engineer Ozak Ozu, influencer and tech creator Maddie Moate, wildlife conservationist Liz Bonnin, infectious diseases doctor Chris Van Tulleken, and serial tech entrepreneur Michael Anderson.

We also offer notable figures such as Countdown’s Rachel Riley, Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, and TV’s favourite math teacher, Bobby Seagull, for any live or virtual STEM event.

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Concerns around climate change are growing, and with it, thoughts on how we can make our businesses and events more sustainable are changing too!   Our environment and sustainability experts are the perfect motivational keynote speakers to inform and inspire change.  By teaching companies how to take responsibility for their climate footprint, our eco-speakers can help corporate clients to put into practice obtainable business goals for a more sustainable future.

So, whether your perfect speaker is an eco-adventurer, politician or sustainable business owner, our environmental experts here at Great British Speakers have one goal, to inspire sustainable, eco-friendly changes within the workplace and beyond…

Check out our latest blog featuring our top sustainability speakers for Plastic Free July below.

Top Sustainable Business Speakers For Plastic Free July

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We are delighted to offer a diverse range of travel speakers who can cover a wide array of topics for your event.  These speakers are experts in various fields related to travel and can provide valuable insights on tourism, adventure, living abroad, world affairs, international business, and much more.

Whether you’re organising a travel conference, corporate event, educational seminar, or any other gathering where travel-related topics are of interest, our travel speakers can deliver engaging presentations that captivate and inform your audience.

Some of the topics covered by our travel speakers include; tourism industry, travel trends, challenges, and opportunities; they can provide valuable insights on how to create immersive travel experiences, sustainable tourism practices, and strategies for promoting destinations effectively.

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