Rosalyn Palmer

Rosalyn Palmer

Rosalyn Palmer is an award-winning transformational coach and therapist combining clinical hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy and NLP-based coaching to create deep change.

She is also an acclaimed author with a remarkable ability to inspire positive change and foster wellbeing.

Rosalyn Palmer has a wellbeing column in local newspaper The Newark Advertiser and was formerly the wellbeing expert on radio show ‘Girls Around Town’ – a weekly radio programme billed as Radio Newark’s answer to

Loose Women, providing news, gossip, opinions, and interviews; made by women, for women, as well as the host of the Monkey Business’ podcast, exploring the mindset secrets of top business leaders. She is also the award-winning self-help author of Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life (2018), and contributor to Ignite Your Life For Women (2019), Ignite Your Female Leadership (2019), and Ignite For Female Changemakers (2020).

With over two decades of top-level experience in the corporate world, Rosalyn knows first-hand the demands of success and the struggle to find a balance between work and home life. Her journey from being the MD and Founder of an award-winning London PR agency, to Head of Marcomms for an International Charity to sought-after expert in mental wellbeing and personal development, has shaped her unique approach to coaching..

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