Damian Hughes

Damian Hughes

Damian Hughes expertly combines his practical experience and academic background in sports, organisational development, and change psychology to assist organisations and teams in cultivating a culture of high performance.

With eight bestselling business books under his belt – such as Liquid Thinking, Liquid Leadership, How to Change Absolutely Anything, How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson, and The Five STEPS to a Winning Mindset – Damian has demonstrated his profound knowledge and insights.

His 2023 books, How Performance: Lessons from the Best on Becoming Your Best, and How to Change Your Life, have both been number one Sunday Times bestsellers. His books have already been translated into a dozen languages.

He is also the co-host with Jake Humphrey of The High-Performance Podcast, which has featured some of the leading figures in business and sports spheres with over 100 million downloads and counting.

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Seven years ago Damian inspired, provoked and challenged me when I attended one of his Liquid Thinking sessions and I have incorporated my learnings from this session into every part of my life personal and professional. Seven years on and Damian has done it again. Using thought-provoking and inspiring stories he has challenged and inspired us and more importantly given us a common language with which we all can use. Thank you Damian!
Emma Mirrington, Head of Talent, Mars Chocolate UK

Damian spoke at a recent leadership event. He was the end of day speaker and his insightful, down to earth, plain speaking style kept the whole audience engaged for the entire time he spoke. Damian’s mix of theory and real life examples gave everyone something to think about and provided some easy to try tips for use in everyday life and as the leader of teams. The team who participated in the session were unanimous in their positive view of the content, delivery and practical application of the messages, which fitted perfectly with the key messages from the rest of the event. I would recommend Damian as a speaker who will bring theory to life in an engaging way and who will leave your team talking about it long after the event.
Louise Alford, Director of Business HR, BskyB

Having read this book, I am flattered that I have been presented as a role model and am delighted to be asked by Damian to offer a foreword for Liquid Thinking. As someone that has achieved many of my own personal goals and experienced the satisfaction from doing so, I would recommend that you adopt the lessons and techniques, which are captured in this excellent book, to greatly assist you in achieving your own ambitions. Go ahead. Take the plunge and become a fellow liquid thinker.
Sir Richard Branson

Damian injected a huge amount of energy into our event. Delegates were inspired by his sessions, which got everyone thinking differently. If you want to create a buzz and inspire people to be the best they can, invite Damian to deliver at your event.
Ollie Holt, Coaching System Manager, Sports Coach UK

Damian was asked to help our team think about engaging an organisation after a period of significant change. He inspired the room with his down to earth approach, fabulous stories and really challenged our thinking on what effective communication really is. I would recommend Damian as a speaker for any group looking for new thinking and inspirational leadership ideas; delivered in a way that really makes you challenge yourself and consider why you didn’t think of that because it’s explained in such a simple common sense way.
Clare Hall, Senior Vice President, People, McDonald’s

Damian has a really rich experience across many sectors. His involvement with leading sporting organisations provides an insight, outside of the normal business environment, that challenges the way that individuals approach change and deliver winning results through the team. Damian always scores highly in feedback. People will leave these sessions really challenging themselves on what they need to do differently to deliver success. His communication of the key points is enhanced by the use of many different media.
David Goadby, Sales Director, British Gas

Very rarely in my experience do you speak to people who have attended a one-day Corporate event and phrases such as “extremely thought provoking’, “I am determined to do something with those ideas”, “enjoyed every minute” and “great practical advice” trip off the tongue so readily. This is exactly what happened though, following a session that Damian ran for us about behaviours and developing high performing teams. All who attended seem to have taken something from the session and we’ve already seen tripwires being put in place! Booking Damian for our latest management off-site has been proven to be a very sound decision. Aside from his obvious expertise and enthusiasm for the subject of self development and team dynamics, Damian was able to relate to an office environment and transform what people may think only applies to elite sporting teams, into actions anyone can use and implement.
Richard Bowden, Head of Process & Change Management, Santander

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