Dr Ozak Esu

Dr Ozak Esu

Dr Ozak Esu is a multi-award-winning professional electronic and electrical engineer and STEM advocate from Nigeria.

In 2011, aged 20, she graduated with a First Class Honours in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Loughborough University, where she was also awarded a scholarship to take her PhD in Advanced Signal Processing and Wind Energy, which she completed in 2016. Her personal and professional love of sustainable technology has led her to be the video host of Climate Now, a content channel that looks at the science behind climate change and how we can help fix it.

Dr Ozak Esu is particularly interested in why women and ethnic minorities have trouble gaining professions in the  STEM industry. “I strongly believe in the Venn diagram analogy that engineering is the intersection between scientific knowledge and societal need. There’s no gender discrimination in that definition so don’t exclude yourself from contributing, or deprive us of your skills, talent, knowledge and ideas to solve problems.”

She worked for Cundall in Birmingham, designing the electrical services for buildings, before moving to the BRE Centre for Smart Homes and Buildings as their technical lead.

“Developing a new method, improving an existing engineering method, mastering a new software, technique, opportunities to travel for work, and successfully managing a project from concept design to construction excite me.”

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