Matt Ellison

Matt Ellison

Matt is an inspiring and thought-provoking transgender speaker. His life experience as a trans man himself means those who hear Matt speak are inspired and encouraged.

The principles of facing something so profoundly difficult and making such a huge and fundamental change apply to everyone in all areas of their professional and personal life.

Type Of Speaker


One of the best talks I’ve ever heard at a conference!

– Robbie Turner Director For England, Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Matt Ellison is an engaging performer and an inspiring teacher who has been changing lives for years.  He has courage, integrity, passion and a unique story to tell.

– Dr Geoff Lindsey

Brave beyond words

– Ann Child MBE

You know you’re seeing a *great* talk when you don’t think to tweet about it

– James Andrews Treasurer, RPS Surrey Local Pharmacy Forum

Matt Ellison speaks with authenticity and truth. He shares his knowledge and life experiences with candour and emotionally connects everyone in the room in an instant. I learn something from Matt every time I hear him speak!

– Gina Battye – Authenticity Coach, Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Speaker

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