Ann Makosinski

Ann Makosinski

Ann Makosinski is a 24-year-old Polish-Filipino Canadian inventor, STEM, UN Youth ambassador, writer and influencer.

When Ann was fourteen years old, she found out that her friend Maria in the Philippines failed a grade in school because her family couldn’t afford electricity. Maria therefore had no light to study with when darkness hit at 6 pm, so Ann set about finding a solution. Ann ended up inventing the Hollow Flashlight, a flashlight that runs off the heat of the human hand. During the beginning of her grade 11 year, the flashlight went viral online and Ann won in her age category at the Google Science Fair in Mountainview, California.

Ann Makosinski then invented another device – the eDrink. The eDrink harvests the excess heat of one’s hot drink and converts it into electricity, giving one’s phone a boost of energy.

More awards and interviews followed, and Ann with her father set up Makotronics Enterprises Incorporated in Victoria BC to manage the patenting and licensing of her inventions.

Ann’s gift of speech and presentation launched her into becoming one of the most sought-after keynote speakers of her generation.

Ann Makosinski was then named on Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list in the Energy sector, and in Time Magazine’s 30 Under 30 World Changers.

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