Amar Latif OBE

Amar Latif OBE

Amar Latif is a blind traveler, businessman and TV personality with an astonishing track record of facing up to major challenges.

Due to an incurable eye condition, Amar lost 95% of his sight by the age of 19.  Through sheer determination, he has managed to turn an unpromising tale of loss, into one of truly inspirational achievement.

Amar was told that blind people couldn’t be accountants but he defied that, studying Maths and Finance at Strathclyde University.  Proving everyone wrong, Amar latif spent seven years working at BT, finally heading up their Finance Division – managing a team of seven accountants and financial responsibility for multi-million pound business deals.

With his infectious love of life, he recently won the nation’s hearts on Celebrity Masterchef.

Amar has was recognised in King Charles’ first official birthday Honours list – receiving the title OBE.

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“Amar was a charming and enigmatic speaker, who drew the whole crowd into his story with ease. He has a unique way of sharing his experiences as a visually impaired person; from education and banking, to setting up his own business, and all the challenges in-between. He made us laugh, but more importantly, he made us think!”

“To say it was inspiring doesn’t do Amar justice.  Not only did he bring to life some of the challenges he has faced and the accessibility pitfalls many organisations fall into but did so with such humour and charisma that his audience was totally won over.  The feedback from my colleagues has been really positive, many of whom felt Amar’s interview was the highlight of the day.”

“He is incredibly inspirational, especially from someone with such a disability, the way that he has never let it hold him back. I don’t think there was anybody in here today that wasn’t inspired by what he has achieved.”

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