Charlie Hart

Charlie Hart

Otherwise known as “Ausome Charlie”, Charlie Hart is a highly experienced, CIPD-qualified HR professional and inclusion specialist. She has personal experience of ADHD, Autism, child loss, C-PTSD, and bereavement by suicide.

With over 25 years of knowledge and experience of HR systems and management information case law, HR, management best practice, and employment legislation, Charlie has been involved in EDI steering groups and employee resource groups (ERGs).

Charlie identifies as a “Queer AuDHDer”, and strives to be a positive role model for Autism, ADHD, bi/pan, C-PTSD, and Weird Pride.

Ausome Charlie Hart can help you foster a culture of psychological safety and wellbeing in your organisation, where all kinds of minds can thrive, bringing business benefits, a win-win.

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Working with Charlie at Together for Mental Wellbeing was a great experience for me and I learned a huge amount from her in the insightful and collaborative way she spoke a bout a multitude of important issues within equality and diversity.
Martin Fewster, Senior Communications Officer, Together for Mental Wellbeing.

Charlie is an inspirational speaker on intersectionality. Her webinar on the double rainbow truly was the most honest and engaging talk, which truly led to much needed open conversations. I highly recommend getting in touch and seeing how she can support you/ your companies.
Jenny McLaughlin, Heathrow Airport

Charlie delivered an excellent and interactive presentation to staff on supporting neurodiverse colleagues in the workplace. It was informative, honest and compelling due to her own lived experiences and helped us to embed a culture of inclusion in our group of schools. Would highly recommend.
Michelle Gabriel FCIPD, Director of People at Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust

I often say, in addition to my own lived experience, I’ve worked professionally in suicide prevention for more than 10 years, but every day’s a school day. We all need to keep listening to & learning from diverse lived & living experiences. And when I first met Charlie Hart, my education began again. Not only did I hear one of the most tragic experiences of suicide loss – so much we can all learn from Charlie’s experience in losing Iggy & how it was (mis)handled by the authorities, but I found the entire conversation an insightful & inspiring ‘learning & development programme’ on all matters neurodiversity.

Charlie talks with a unique mix of personal & professional knowledge, along with the directness of someone who’s autistic & has a channelled passion for educating others for mutual benefit. Part of me wishes we had 1000s of people with Charlie’s mix of skills, knowledge, experience, excellent communications style, desire & ability to educate so effectively, etc, as then every school, hospital, workplace, community organisation, government, etc could ‘have a Charlie’. But I’m actually celebrating the fact there’s only one Charlie Hart – one unique, incredible human being – as that’s the key point to take away here! 🌈😊
Paul Vittles, Chief Facilitator, Zero Suicide Society

Thank you to Charlie Hart for inviting me and my Cruse colleagues to their “lunch & learn” sessions part of Autism Acceptance Week. All I can say is ‘wow. Charlie delivered the session with immense bravery and shared her backstory with people that she’s never met. And she did it on her terms. She was informative, sharp witted, and frank. And the feedback I’ve had from my side is “she’s ace/amazing”, and I couldn’t agree more. A truly informative session where lived experience makes a difference.
Claire Milliner, Cruse Bereavement Support

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