Michael Fuller

Michael Fuller

Michael came to prominence in 2004 when he became Britain’s first black Chief Constable.

He served as Chief Constable of Kent Police from January 2004 until March 2010. As Chief Constable, Michael successfully led the Force response to the Calais migration crisis and to the Channel Tunnel fire.

He worked with European police forces to counter Islamist radicalisation and avert terrorist incidents.

Michael also led the police response to ‘Britain’s biggest cash robbery’, which took place at the Securitas depot in Kent and he was instrumental in the successful prosecution of the key criminals.

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Never have I come across a more inspirational story, a more authentic leader or a more genuine person as Michael. I never have we seen anyone like Michael. He was mesmerising and awe inspiring but the most admirable qualities of all are his integrity and humility

Leaders Worth knowing

The openness and honesty with which you spoke about your own leadership journey, and the challenges you have faced, was greatly appreciated by all the participants. Your clarity of vision, passion for your people, and drive to achieve tangible results struck a powerful note with all those present and gave them much to discuss.

Windsor Leadership Trust

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