Phil Drinkwater

Phil Drinkwater

“Proudly swim with the current”

Phil Drinkwater is a Certified Coach, successful online small business owner, entrepreneur, and advocate for neurodiverse individuals, particularly those with ADHD.

Invisible disabilities like neurodiversity lead to challenges and struggles such as ongoing anxiety, stress and imposter syndrome, which he himself continues to work through every week, to say nothing of the huge frustration that comes from procrastination and managing time. Even brushing his teeth can launch a 5 minute inner dialogue! “Try walking in my shoes”, he quips, “because they’ve got a mind of their own, like strong magnets drawing toward and repelling against”.

He notices that neurodiverse people might appear to be lazy or difficult to others, and this can lead to unkindness and a lack of compassion from peers, but through knowledge and understanding about neurodiversity we can all work together using our unique strengths to great effect. His deep empathy for these invisible disabilities drives his work.

In his free time, Phil finds solace and inspiration in hiking. The challenges of conquering mountains reminds him of the importance of taking one step at a time and staying focused on the present moment, which reduces the overwhelm so common with neurodiversity.


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