The Empowering Voice: Unveiling the Importance of Hidden Disability Speakers

20th Jul 2023

In a world where differences often remain unseen, hidden disability speakers emerge as the powerful voices that break the silence surrounding unseen challenges. These remarkable individuals carry the torch of advocacy, shining a light on the unique experiences of those living with hidden disabilities. From neurodivergent conditions to chronic illnesses and mental health disorders, they courageously share their stories, transforming the way society perceives and supports those with hidden disabilities.

As motivational speakers on workplace equality and inclusion, our hidden disability speakers are a true force for positive change. Their experiences, resilience, and advocacy inspire workplaces to embrace diversity, foster inclusivity, and create environments where everyone feels valued and empowered.

Within this blog you will discover the reasons why these inspiring individuals are essential for driving change, breaking stigmas, and empowering millions around the globe.

Our Top Hidden Disability Speakers

Andy Evans | Hidden Disability Speakers – Dyslexia

Andy Evans, also known as ”Doddz”, is a remarkable individual who overcame significant challenges associated with dyslexia. re no limitations to achieving one’s goals, regardless of any challenges or obstacles in the way. Through his personal journey and the “Defy the Oddz” method, Andy Evans empowers others to rise above adversity, shatter societal expectations, and embrace their true potential. His story serves as a beacon of hope and motivation for those who face similar challenges, reminding them that they are capable of achieving greatness despite any limitations or setbacks they may encounter. Learn more about Andy Evans HERE.

Andy Evans aka Doddz UK leading AR designer educational art speaker at Great British Speakers

Christopher Paul Jones | Hidden Disability Speakers – Phobia & Anxiety

As a top phobia expert, Christopher Paul Jones is a beacon of hope, offering life-changing support to those who have felt trapped by their fears. His expertise and dedication to transformative change make him a valued advocate for mental health and wellbeing. With a reputation for transforming lives, he specializes in working with individuals who grapple with a wide range of phobias and crippling anxieties which can greatly impact people’s mental health. Learn more about Christopher Paul Jones HERE.

Christopher Paul Jones THE PEOPLE FIXER Celebrity fear anxiety phobia speaker at Great British Speakers

Dr. Meg Arroll | Hidden Disability Speakers – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dr. Meg Arroll is an esteemed and influential speaker renowned for her expertise in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and its impact on mental and physical health. With a deep understanding of this complex condition, she sheds light on its intricacies, challenges, and potential paths to recovery in her compelling talks. As a leading authority in the field, Meg’s presentations offer a wealth of evidence-based insights, practical strategies, and empathetic guidance, empowering both individuals and healthcare professionals. Through her dynamic and compassionate approach, she strives to increase awareness, destigmatise CFS, and inspire hope for those affected by this debilitating condition, fostering a deeper understanding of its effects and fostering a sense of resilience and support in the community. Learn more about Dr. Meg Arroll HERE.

Dr Meg Arroll psychologist Diet Weight Loss Menopause mental health speaker at agent Great British Speakers

Hannah Witton | Hidden Disability Speakers – Colitis / Navigating Parenthood & Relationships with Chronic Illness

Hannah Witton is a relationship and sexual health influencer who fearlessly embraces a wide range of topics to engage her audience with positivity and expertise. Since her diagnosis, Hannah has candidly shared her experiences, shedding light on her journey with Colitis diagnosis and how it has impacted her life. Moreover, she has openly documented her first pregnancy, breaking barriers by addressing how being pregnant has affected her chronic illness. Learn more about Hannah Witton HERE.


J. Grange | Hidden Disability Speakers – ADHD

J Grange is a musician, songwriter, and international public speaker, whose journey has been shaped by resilience and a powerful advocacy for neurodiversity and disability rights.

Despite facing considerable obstacles, including being permanently excluded from schools and navigating legal challenges, his unwavering spirit led him to discover his true passion in music. However, when J was eventually diagnosed with ADHD, this became a pivotal moment that shed light on his neurodiversity and provided him with valuable insights into his own experiences. Today, his work revolves around raising awareness for neurodiversity, promoting disability rights, and advocating for better support systems for individuals facing mental health challenges. Learn more about J. Grange HERE.

J Grange book musician ADHD Neurodiversity Advocate Diversity & Inclusion International Public speaker at agent Great British Speakers

Joe Wells | Hidden Disability Speakers – Autism

Joe Wells’ comedic talks are a breath of fresh air, presenting a light-hearted approach to what might otherwise be considered difficult subject matter. With a unique blend of humor and authenticity, Joe effortlessly puts audiences at ease, creating a comfortable and welcoming space for open dialogue. Whether discussing political issues or delving into personal topics like mental health and autism, his wit and charm allow him to navigate these subjects with grace, leaving audiences both entertained and enlightened. Through his comedic brilliance, Joe Wells masterfully breaks down barriers, fostering an environment where important conversations can unfold with ease and laughter. Learn more about Joe Wells HERE.

Joe Wells Comedian Autism Hidden Disability Speaker

Lauren Vaknine | Hidden Disability Speakers – Holistic Health / Juvenile Rheumatoid (Women’s Health Advocate)

Lauren Vaknine is an inspiring holistic health coach and a powerful disability speaker whose personal journey has become a beacon of hope for many. From a young age, she battled with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, facing immense challenges that left her wheelchair-bound and plagued by arthritis. Fueled by her own transformative healing journey, Lauren emerged as a passionate advocate for holistic health and wellness. With a compelling and empathetic voice, Lauren motivates audiences to take charge of their well-being, offering invaluable insights and encouragement to embrace a holistic approach to health, no matter the challenges they face. Learn more about Lauren Vaknine HERE.


Lisa Ventura | Hidden Disability Speakers – Neurodiversity in Business

Lisa Ventura is an inspirational keynote speaker with extensive expertise in business and cybersecurity. Her personal experience as a neurodiverse individual adds a unique perspective to her presentations. With over two decades of professional experience, Lisa offers a wealth of knowledge to her audiences. She offers ready-to-go speaking themes and topics but can adapt them to meet the specific requirements of her clients, ensuring her messages resonate and create a meaningful impact. As a speaker on disability and business, Lisa empowers others to embrace diversity, overcome challenges, and find success in both personal and professional spheres. Learn more about Lisa Ventura HERE.

Lisa Ventura Hire scams phishing Ransomware malware Women in tech Cyber Security Consultant speaker at Great British Speakers

Shakira Akabusi | Hidden Disability Speakers | OCD (Women’s Health Advocate)

Shakira Akabusi is a renowned expert in women’s health and mental health, as well as an impactful keynote speaker on women’s health, especially during pregnancy. But, beyond her expertise in women’s health, she is a mental health advocate who fearlessly shares her own experiences with post-pregnancy Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). After seeking professional mental health support, Shakira now inspires others to speak openly about mental health challenges and gain the support they deserve. Shakira’s dedication to women’s well-being and mental health makes her a compelling and influential figure in the field of health and wellness. Her own mental health difficulties have led her to be an ambassador for The ‘ReThink’ Mental Illness charity. Learn more about Shakira Akabusi HERE.

Shakira Akabusi Womens health pre postnatal fitness speaker StrongLikeMum Method at Great British Speakers

Shaun Flores | Hidden Disability Speakers – OCD / Racial Inequality & Mental Health

Shaun Flores, a compelling hidden disability speaker, courageously shares his journey of living with two types of OCD—Sexual Orientation OCD and Harm OCD. These conditions led him down a path of fear, anxiety, and depression. However, with the support he received, Shaun emerged stronger and more determined to help others facing similar challenges. He is particularly passionate about dispelling dated and untrue beliefs surrounding OCD, striving to create a more informed and empathetic understanding of the condition. Shaun is also deeply committed to representing the experiences of black individuals with OCD, as he believes their voices are underrepresented within the community and that they are less likely to seek mental health support. Through his advocacy and storytelling, Shaun has become a powerful advocate for mental health, inspiring hope and compassion for all those living with hidden disabilities. Learn more about Shaun Flores HERE.

Shaun Flores Ted Talk OCD mental illness Equality Diversity Black History Month Bereavement inspirational speaker at Great British Speakers

Thomas Duncan Bell | Hidden Disability Speakers – Bipolar, dyslexia, dyspraxia, PTSD, and ADHD.

Thomas Duncan Bell is a highly respected and inspiring mental health expert whose personal journey has been marked by resilience and compassion. Overcoming challenges that include living on the bipolar spectrum, dyslexia, dyspraxia, PTSD, and ADHD, Thomas has transformed his own life and found purpose in supporting others. Through his dedication to mental health advocacy and his unique understanding of various conditions, he has made a significant impact on the lives of many individuals, offering hope, empathy, and guidance to those in need. Thomas’ determination and commitment to helping others serve as a beacon of hope for those navigating their own mental health journeys. Learn more about Thomas Duncan Bell HERE.

Thomas Duncan Bell mental health bipolar dyslexia dyspraxia PTSD ADHD speaker at agent Great British Speakers

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Upcoming Events:

Let our inspirational speakers inspire positive change and leave a lasting impact on your event or organisation.

National Inclusion Week – 25th September – 1st October 2023

Our EDI speakers play a pivotal role in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in various settings. They offer insights, personal experiences, and strategies that inspire individuals and organisations to embrace inclusivity. These speakers cover a range of topics, including gender equality, racial diversity, LGBTQ+ rights, disabilities, and more. Their talks challenge biases, foster empathy, and encourage active allyship. By sharing their stories, expertise, and practical advice, National Inclusion Week speakers drive conversations that lead to positive change, creating environments where everyone’s voices are heard, valued, and celebrated. Their impact extends beyond the event, sparking ongoing efforts to build more inclusive societies and workplaces.

National Inclusion Week Speaker find the best top at agent Great British Speakers

Learn more about National Inclusion Week HERE.

Disability History Month – 16th November – 16th December 2023.

Our selection of esteemed disability awareness speakers includes passionate advocates who have overcome challenges and achieved remarkable success in various fields. From personal anecdotes to societal impact, our speakers will enlighten, empower, and educate your audience about disability history, fostering a more inclusive and understanding community.

Disability History Month Speakers find the best speakers at speaker agent Great British Speakers

Learn more about Disability Awareness Month HERE.

Hire a Hidden Disability Speaker | Great British Speakers

Discover the transformative power of hidden disability speakers as they elevate the conversation on disability awareness and advocate for a more compassionate and accessible world. Let their voices be the catalyst for a brighter, more inclusive future, where every individual is valued, supported, and celebrated, regardless of the challenges they face unseen. By hiring hidden disability speakers, you and your team celebrates the empowering force of disability inclusion and equality – shaping a more inclusive and compassionate world for all.

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