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8th Jul 2024

Anita Brightley-Hodges is a family business advisor, mentor, mediator, business coach and keynote speaker with over 25 years of experience working with people to heal and develop their family dynamics.

From planning for succession to the next generation to resolving long-standing family disputes, Anita is one of the UK’s most experienced family business and office advisors.

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Family business advisor Anita is an accredited expert in family business advising and family wealth advising and the founder of the UK’s leading family business community, Family Business Place. She is a pioneer in creating awards, conferences, forums, and publications across the UK. She has appeared on TV and podcasts and facilitated global debates. As well as a visiting lecturer at Henley Business School, Oxford University, and the University of West London, she is the curator of the ‘Family Business Wealth Essentials’ series for Camden Wealth.

She founded a “Mothers and Daughters in Business Together” movement with her daughter Amalia.

What is a Family Business?

In its simplest terms, a family business is a commercial organisation that involves multiple generations of a family related by blood, adoption, or marriage.

There are over 5 million(!) family-owned businesses in the UK currently, which equates to roughly 85% of the private sector. It’s big business!

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Difficulties Facing Family Business

In the family-owned business, the post-pandemic world has changed beyond recognition. With the advent of the internet and AI, it is more important than ever that family businesses and offices wake up and smell the coffee around compliance, diversity, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and environmental, social, and boardroom governance.

These are now essentials for organisations to trade successfully worldwide across all sectors: empathy and respect for cultures, local and global politics, world peace, and fair trade.

The media—including social media—is no longer controlled by a few corporations/business owners; we can say what we want, control governments, fix voting, and lobby individually and systematically, all under the wire. The question is, how can we control it? Or how do we not control it?

Family business advisor Anita warns of the risks of burying your head in the sand

Conversation and communication are key in all businesses, especially family-owned businesses. Ignoring issues will almost certainly result in:

– Erosion of wealth and assets
– Disengaged family members around family values and vision
– Family feuds (e.g. Puma and Adidas)
– Entitlement mentality (e.g. Paris and Nicky Hilton)
– Disintegration of the family system and relationships
– Open to legal loopholes discovered by family members in conflict
– Hostile takeovers (e.g. Hermes and LVMH)
– Open season to dishonesty and corruption (e.g. Sky’s Succession)
– Possible prison sentencing as a result of breaking the law
– Outcast by family
– Huge divorce settlements (e.g. Bill and Melinda Gates)
– Intolerance of diversity and religion (e.g. the Rothschilds)
– Next generation following their own paths and aspirations (e.g. Marlene Engelhorn)

The list goes on. There is indeed a mountain to climb, lessons to be learned, and education and development across the generations in the family, business, and family office. To ignore what it means to be in business with family, have wealth, and leave a legacy—what’s the point?

Family business advisor – The 7 pillars of success

Family businesses may sound warm and fuzzy, but there can be difficulties. Anita has identified seven pillars of success that you won’t find in any business textbook:

– Trust
– Love
– Joy
– Kindness
– Creativity
– Agility
– Courage

These are all acts of self-awareness in a world where business is personal. The language of business is changing, and that massive jolt to how we were is worth considering. Explore the seven pillars with Anita and how they can help your family business thrive by hiring Anita.

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Family business advisor – Gender equality in a family business

Anita is a strong advocate for reducing gender inequality in business. Anita shares how, historically, women were often considered too emotional to be business leaders. However, in today’s society, women successfully manage both businesses and their homes. This empowerment can significantly influence family dynamics. Anita aims to offer practical strategies that enable women to balance their professional and personal lives, achieving fulfilment in both areas and demonstrates how balancing the feminine and masculine qualities of business are vital for success.

A family business advisors top tips: Family Business Essentials

For family businesses who are in it for the long term, you need to pay attention to:

– Becoming responsible stewards of family wealth
– Family governance
– Family communication and conflict management
– Family business leadership
– Family Office
– Succession planning

None of these are easy. It takes the will to learn, share, seek advice, absorb knowledge, give time, money, and commitment to change, and put ego aside.

Interestingly, the family office is another topic that needs to be considered. It comprises mainly non-family members who are specialists whose remit is to protect, advise, manage, and invest in the family’s wealth. Every decision made must comply with legal, technical and ethical. Unlike days gone by when heads of family businesses called all the shots with little need to heed the advice of experts to navigate the challenging and complex landscape of doing business and looking after the family wealth. Most things of an unsavoury nature could be swept under the carpet.

How can family business advisor Anita support your family business?

“She has the magic touch when it comes to helping family-run enterprises thrive”.

Working side-by-side with family-owned business leaders, Anita can help you overcome your biggest challenges, giving you the confidence and tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Throughout her career, family business advisor Anita has worked alongside some of the biggest names in business, including technology founder Dame Stephanie Shirley, Victoria Christian Ambassador for Clive Christian Perfume, Cobra Beer co-founder Lord Karan Bilimoria, Timpsons’ chairman John Timpson, The Apprentice star Claude Littner, Lyndsey Gallagher CEO Gallagher Construction, Heck founder Andrew Keeble, Lord Rami Ranger founder of Sunmark, Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mulins, Westons Cider chair Helen Thomas, Fortnum and Mason chair Kate Hobhouse, amongst others.

She is passionate about the ethos of family business, about what it means to build a business from nothing and leave a lasting legacy in a single lifetime. Anita is engaging, sincere, fun, and authentic as a speaker. Her audiences leave with optimism, feeling inspired, and with a bucket filled with nuggets to take home to their businesses.

Find out more about #1 family business advisor Anita on her full bio page HERE

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