Winston Ben Clements

Winston Ben Clements

Many organisations underperform because their people are getting in their own way! This is often exemplified when finger-pointing and making excuses start to become the norm within your teams.

Is it time to shift the mindsets of your people, in order to create a culture of resilience, high performance and inclusion within your organisation?

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We have just been overwhelmed with Winston’s personality and his ability to impact any audience that he speaks to!

What we love the most is that after hearing Winston speak, people go away and make drastic changes as a result, which is the yard stick that any speaker should be measured against – that ability to bring change and transformation to individuals!

– Demir & Carey Bentley Co-Founders, Lifehack Bootcamp

“Winston delivered a fantastic TED Talk that has received massive attention on YouTube!”

His specialist topic ‘resilience’ is a great fit for any corporate team event or occasion.

– Bianca Miller – Cole BBC Apprentice Star & CEO, The Be Group

“It was a pleasure having Winston speak to over 500 entrepreneurs at our Breakthrough Success Summit in London.”

Winston is the epitome of resilience, super engaging and his audience feedback was fantastic!

– Breakthrough Success Conference

Winston can inspire your audience to feel more motivated and really believe that they can accomplish all the things that they would like to do in life!

He is a great teacher on resilience and has been a huge inspiration to the groups that we have brought him to.

– The Entrepreneur Academy

Thank you Winston from all of us – the presentation was everything I hoped for…you are an inspiration; lots for us all to reflect upon.

– Managing Partner, RSM UK

Winston really makes you think. Why do we accept what we don’t need to accept as our place in life. Why do we blame others when we can accept the situation and take “Extreme Ownership” and work out how to turn the challenges we face to our advantage. Key messages for everyone in life and especially in business conveyed with passion and personality.


Winston is a force of nature. His cheeky personality transcends any other initial impression you may be tempted to form. I have seen him speak a couple of times and have been really impressed by the way he focuses on delivering value to his audience.

He moves around more than you might expect and addresses, quickly, those obvious questions that audiences have when they first meet him.

He’s a delightful character and has strong messages to share regarding how to break free from your limitations, and creating a culture of grit and resilience in organisations.

– Conference Speaker

Every now and then I come across a speaker who really makes me sit up and listen.

Winston is one of those rare speakers.

Always smiling and laughing, Winston has a great way of putting his audiences at ease and engaging with them, as he tells his stories. He is incredibly generous, sharing original and inventive advice with his audiences, showing them how to be more resilient and grateful for what they have.

Every time I hear Winston speak I learn something new from him. It is always a pleasure being in the audience when Winston takes to the stage.

– Appletree Marketing

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