Motivational Disability Speakers for Equality and Inclusion

15th Nov 2021

The theme for this year’s Disability History Month is ‘Disability: Leadership, Research and Culture’ – and this is how our motivational disability speakers can help…

Claire Lomas MBE hire female motivational inspirational speaker at agent Great British Speakers
Hire Claire Lomas – Motivational Disability Speaker at Great British Speakers

People with disabilities still often face prejudice; in a world made for able-bodied people,  people with disabilities are often overlooked. That’s where our superb disability speakers come to the fore.

But we know that businesses and events are adapting and wanting to be more inclusive. Whether that’s making sure your venue is wheelchair and guide-dogs friendly or putting extra measures in place so you could hire someone who’s deaf or blind. 

And with a better understanding, we can provide even more opportunities and support to those with a disability. 

Our disability speakers are available to share their own experiences and discuss topics that are of everyday concern for disabled people.  From equality and prejudice to overcoming adversity, identity, self-acceptance and so much more…

Sophie Morgan one of the best disability speakers and campaigner at Great British Speakers
Hire Sophie Morgan, Disability Rights Campaigner, Presenter and Business Woman at Great British Speakers

We are fortunate enough to be working alongside some incredible talents for this year’s Disability History Month, including; Claire Lomas (pictured top), Winston Ben ClementsKatie PiperMichael McgrathAde Adepitan (pictured below), Steve BrownLiz JohnsonAmit PatelSophie Morgan (pictured above), Stef ReidAmar LatifChris Fisher and Giles Long just to name a few…

Top disability speakers Ade Adepitan book for Disability History Month at Great British Speakers
Hire Paralympian turned presenter and motivational speaker Ade Adepitan at Great British Speakers

Make an Enquiry

So if you’d like to book any of these incredible speakers – or perhaps you have someone else in mind, then do get in touch.  Great British Speakers directors Jane Farnham and Steve Denison are on hand to help with any enquiry you may have – email or call +441753 439289 to speak to a member of the team directly.

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