How We Adapted to the Challenge of 2020

4th Jan 2021

There’s no denying, it was a tough year for all of us in the creative industries. And whether in production or events, our way of working drastically changed.

Luckily at Great British Talent we were able to adapt to our client’s requirements fast…


Voiceover became the quickest and most efficient way for clients to get their message across, and as all of our voiceover artists have their own professional home studios facilities, this became a great alternative for any client looking to film a corporate video.

However, it wasn’t long before many of our presenters adapted too and have now set up their own green-screen home recording studios, perfect for corporate videos and product demonstrations.

Ben JM. at Great British Presenters

And instead of long-haul flights and travel delays, our speakers were able to attend events and film virtually too, meaning that logistics is no longer an issue. Our clients could book any one of our Great British Speakers to attend an event anywhere in the world, without worrying about Covid travel restrictions and possible lockdown cancellations… Not to mention, reducing costs because there are no travel expenses to consider.

Away from bookings, our director Jane Farnham made a guest appearance on the 414-Marketing Podcast. Watch the full interview HERE or see a quick snippet of ”how to book a public speaker” below.

Director Jane Farnham ‘how to find a public speaker’ 414 Podcast

We also hosted a series of masterclass blogs on adapting to ‘workplace change’ during the Covid pandemic. Blogs in the series included;

Yet despite the changes we’ve had to make over the last year, we still hope that soon we’ll be able to book live in-person events again, so if you’re looking for a live events host or speaker do check out our incredible talents HERE.


If you’re after a speaker, presenter or voiceover artist in 2021 we have you covered. Take a look at a small selection of the jobs we’ve worked on over the last year, to see if we can help you – whether with a talent ‘in-person’ or virtually.

Great British Speakers.

2020 started on a high at Great British Speakers with TV Chef Dean Edwards sailing out to host a series of cooking demos for passengers onboard an Irish coasts and cities cruise.

However, come March as we all “Locked Down” the running of events and production was all about to change – and it wasn’t long before clients were enquiring about Speakers who could host and hold talks Virtually. And over the course of the year our virtual speakers have been (for obvious reasons) more and more in-demand, helping clients to continue running events despite the ever-changing regulations.

We booked Dame Kelly Holmes to speak at two virtual events; a multinational consumer goods company and a virtual Christmas employee event.

Health Kick this January with our Great British Speakers Dame Kelly Holmes
Dame Kelly Holmes at Great British Speakers

Wellness and natural health speaker Lauren Vaknine was booked to hold a virtual talk and Q&A for a UK health plan provider. She also worked with Great British Speakers directly on a ‘Back to Work Wellness blog.’

Lauren Vaknine rheumatoid arthritis healthy diet eating wellness expert blogger writer influencer at Great British Speakers
Lauren Vaknine at Great British Speakers.

Olympic boxer and BBC Strictly Come Dancing star Nicola Adams was booked to speak at a virtual ‘fireside’ chat for a UK manufacturer of health, hygiene and home products.

Nicola Adams at Great British Speakers

And motivational speaker Eddie the Eagle hosted a talk for UK-wide project which aims to bring people together to develop their interests and continue their learning in a friendly and informal environment.

Eddie The Eagle Edwards Motivational speaker at Great British Speakers
Eddie the Eagle at Great British Speakers

Great British Presenters.

From mid-2020 our Great British Presenters were able to offer our clients professional quality productions from home. Check out all our presenters who can work from home here.

Michelle at Great British Presenters

When studio’s finally opened up again however, we couldn’t wait to get back – check out our London-based, Northern Irish Presenter Kathryn, hosting in Belfast below.

Kathryn at Great British Presenters

And when we were able to work internationally again, British presenters James and Marc travelled to Germany to host for one of the world’s leading car manufacturers.

And Swiss-German presenter Alexandra was chosen to host a product walk-through here in the UK for a new car release to be revealed in early 2021.

Great British Voices.

Although voiceover became the go-to for many productions at the start of the pandemic, the voiceover industry was also experiencing lots of change, and finding a voiceover artist who can professionally record from home was vital.

All of our artists at Great British Voices, already had their own home studio set-ups. have their own home studios, so we were able to continue recording like normal, despite the uncertain times.

The Benefits of Booking A Voiceover Artist with a Home Studio

Katie F at Great British Voices

During the last year, we’ve continued to work on a variety of corporate projects, online videos and TV campaigns, including supermarket sales pitches for a variety of dairy products, a series of how-to videos for an international coffee brand, corporate explainers for a luxury Swedish automotive brand, heath videos for virtual conferences, university educational projects, plus TV Commercials for book publications and click and collect services… not to mention a fair few medical presentations too!

We’re very fortunate that despite the current state on the events and production industries, we’ve managed to adapt to meet our client’s needs, and will continue to do so…

Make an Enquiry

Like what you’ve seen, then do make your next talent enquiry with us at Great British Talent

We’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some brilliant new and repeat clients this year, and have gained lots of new talents to our roster too.

They’re all just a few clicks away on our recently rebuilt website.


However, we appreciate moving into this new year may be tricky, and your event or production may still be on hold. But if we can help with a voiceover artist or presenter to record from home, or a virtual speaker, then please do get in touch.

Our experienced, award-winning talents are here to help bring your project to life. And don’t forget you can also book for live in-person events too!

For Speakers and Presenter engagements email

For voiceover enquiries contact or call +44 1753 439 289 to speak to one of the GBUK team.

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