Lauren Vaknine

Lauren Vaknine

Lauren Vaknine is an extraordinary writer, campaigner, blogger and motivational speaker.

Lauren was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 2 and by 18, she was wheelchair-bound and riddled from head to toe with arthritis.

She realised that the only way to get better was to take her healthcare into her own hands so she set about learning everything she could about the body and how to heal naturally from the root cause. It worked and she went into remission after 27 years of suffering with the chronic illness.

She is the host of the  Reconditioned Podcast, and in 2021 Lauren launched The Recondition Your Life Academy – her long-awaited, unique and life-changing coaching programme.

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Lauren is a remarkable young woman. She has overcome great health challenges using natural and complementary therapies. She is a well-informed and passionate speaker. Her book ‘My enemy, my friend’ is an inspiration to anyone suffering from chronic health problems. – Dr Peter Fisher, Clinical Director, The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine and personal physician to Her Majesty The Queen.

I had the pleasure of hearing Lauren talk first-hand at a Parliamentary event, so am well placed to comment on her first rate public speaking skills. Clear, confident, engaging and articulate, Lauren speaks with empathy, but also with passion. Her content is understandably well informed, yet contains the right balance between information, emotion and interaction. I served for many years on the Health Select Committee, so have heard many a talk on health related issues, and I truly believe Lauren is up there with the best. I highly recommend her. – David Amess, MP.

What an inspirational and eye opening talk. Lauren has a lot of strength and courage and I would encourage everyone to read her book. – Heather Mills.

Lauren is a great and most inspirational personality. She has an air about her that just makes people want to listen. – Remi Nicole, Singer-Songwriter

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