Aaron Phipps

Aaron Phipps

Aaron Phipps is a remarkable individual who has made a significant impact both as a Gold Medal Winning Paralympian and a keynote speaker. Despite facing challenges, Aaron’s determination and resilience have been an inspiration to many.

As a teenager, Aaron’s life took a dramatic turn when he contracted Meningitis C, leading to life-threatening complications and necessitating a two-week induced coma. As a result, he had to undergo the amputation of both legs from the knee down, along with most of his fingers. His resilient spirit and perseverance allowed him to spend a year in the hospital for recovery and treatment.

After his illness, Aaron’s journey in sports has been nothing short of extraordinary, demonstrating the power of perseverance and dedication in overcoming obstacles.

His infectious passion and unwavering spirit continues to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide, inspiring them to turn challenges into opportunities and to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

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I have no idea how we can top Aaron as our Keynote speaker, for next year’s event, he is truly inspirational.

CDGwise Ability

You stole the show! For me and many others, you were the highlight of the entire event! I wanted to e-mail to thank you for your significant contribution to our Conference this year. You had me and the rest of the audience captivated from start to finish and everyone left on such a high. The wheelchair racing seemed to go down well too. Thank you so much for bringing our Conference to life.

Jacqueline Webb & Co Ltd

Something rather exceptional has occurred when people are still talking about Aaron Phipps a month after meeting him, including me! It was a pleasure to meet Aaron and there are few occasions when it is possible to be so informed and entertained in such a thought provoking way as this one did. Aaron’s talk was moving, inspiring and humorous and we’d like to send another huge thank you for making it such a memorable event for everyone who came.

Greenford Ltd

An audience of 550 did not un-nerve Aaron as he told his life story with a few action shots of the wheelchair rugby (repeated) to add to the excitement! This is a heartfelt story of targets and achievements with plenty of opportunity for Aaron to poke fun at himself along the way. Aaron was happy to mingle with the guests at the afters bar which was a welcome bonus, but alas no drinking for Aaron as heading off to the England training camp. Certainly one of our best speakers at this annual event!

Mineral Products Association

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