Team building With Music and Tom Morley

14th Dec 2023

Team building days are a familiar part of working in a corporate environment, but they’re not always seen as a preferable way to spend the day. In fact, on average, 40% of British people dread them.

But why? Perhaps it’s because of the activities you’re asked to carry out. A scavenger hunt? A quiz, an ice-breaker, or maybe you’ve been asked to build the tallest tower you possibly can using just newspaper and straws.

Sound familiar? Well, perhaps your team building event needs shaking up a bit. And that’s where Tom Morley comes in. An expert in bringing people together, he uses a vibrant blend of music and humour, enabling individuals to activate their ‘rockstar energy’ and find their creative voice as a group, which, in turn, enables them to work together harmoniously.

What is Tom Morley’s Background?

Tom doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. As a founding member of the 80s band Scritti Politti, he was labelled a pioneer of DIY music, and has even recorded with the likes of Madness and the late David Bowie.

What many people don’t know is that Scritti Politti didn’t always come with a set list. In fact, half of their songs were made up on the spot whilst on stage, so he has always been used to taking risks in public, being able to hold your nerve.

This improvisation and thinking-on-your-toes led to him setting up a business to help individuals and teams feel as comfortable as him. He has since worked with the likes of Disney, Hertz, Nokia, Cisco, GSK, and Vodafone.

Is There Any Proof That Music Can Help with Team Building?

Science is often researching the links between music and our abilities, and it has been proved over the years that drummers experience the world differently from others. Their acute sense of rhythm means that they see patterns in everything, including in our behaviours. Therefore, Tom is able to read the energy of a room, the energy of the individual delegates, and the energy of a team. He then uses this ability, as well as his own energy, to create the most harmonious groups, resulting in the best teamwork and outcomes.

He then explores with the groups how they can use their new techniques and their new feelings back into their place of work, therefore making a difference to their own workload and the company as a whole.

What Can Tom Offer?

Tom is an expert in bringing people together in a short space of time – team building exercises are usually only minutes, or hours long, and often the audience members are unknown to each other. Using this blend of music and humour, he provides teams with energy, confidence, and unity.

What are the Specific Team Building Events on Offer?

Tom offers two Team Building options, drumming and singing.

Team Drumming: offers increased energy, a relief from stress, and a closely bonded team. Tom offers the opportunity to learn more or build upon existing skills, resulting in a team that is greater as a whole rather than the sum of its parts.

Team Singing: offers a chance to break down barriers, feel a sense of achievement as a group, and provides harmony amongst individuals. The thought behind team singing is that we can all achieve greatness if we’re willing to take a step out of our comfort zone.

What Happens When the Music Stops?

A unique team building day is great, but what happens when it’s over? How do we keep this momentum up? Tom understands that the legacy of his sessions are just as important as the session itself, which is why he provides a video or MP3 of their sessions, a slide deck titled ‘The Neuroscience of Music’, and videos to help inspire creativity going forward as an individual and as a wider team.

Whether he is working with 2 people, 20 people, or 200 people, in person or virtually, his results are the same. Attendees will create high-performing teams, with a confidence and a working relationship to help improve a company’s productivity, return on investment, and success.

Here at Great British Speakers, we have a range of musicians and musical experts who often use their talent in unique ways, also available, including David Rodigan, Howard Goodalll CBEGareth Malone OBE, Jane Cornwell, Jason Lai and Suzi Digby OBE.

Gareth Malone Choir master coral conductor musician speaker at Great British Speakers
Suzi Digby OBE Singing4Success conductor musician inspirational speaker at Great British Speakers
Howard Goodall CBE Composer Musician Mr Bean Blackadder speaker at Great British Speakers

Contact Great British Speakers now on 01753 439 289, or email to find out more about how Tom Morley is able to provide a unique team building exercise for you and your staff.

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