Tom Morley

Tom Morley

Tom Morley is an expert in bringing people together. Using a vibrant blend of music and humour, he enables individuals and teams to activate their ‘rockstar energy’ and find their creative voice as a group. This equips them to work together harmoniously.

With a background in music, Tom was a founder member and the original drummer of Scritti Politti, the 80’s band who were pioneers of DIY music before appearing successfully on the dance scene. He’s also recorded with David Bowie and Madness.

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“Tom has deep wisdom, a dry sense of humour and he’s a storytelling genius. With a drum! Every time we’ve booked him my teams have loved him.
GSK Oncology

“Our people loved it, and they’re STILL talking about it”

“I truly believe the change in culture within the company began with the European roadshow work we did with Tom”
Hertz Europe

“To be honest we were anxious but within a minute of seeing Tom onstage, with the whole board up on their feet and smiling, we knew we’d booked the right guy.”

“Three part harmony and people running to the stage to dance. I’ve never seen anything like it. They were still singing in the bar at midnight.”
Adecco Comms

“Some facilitators you book as one-hit wonders and others you know you’ll be partners in change over the coming years. I knew Tom would be in the latter category from our first event together in Vienna. The first of many worldwide.”

“Flying a guy all the way from London, why? Tom got us doing creative stuff that was so off-the-wall we’d never have done it in house. He’s so natural with it though, we just couldn’t refuse.”

“We’d come up with some new team strap lines. Tom turned them into grooves that we all played. A hundred of us with a hundred drums. I’ve still got one as a ringtone on my phone a year later. ”

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