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23rd Apr 2021

At Great British Speakers, we are here to help you find the perfect motivational speaker, to engage and captive your audience, leaving them truly inspired.

Our motivational speakers are all high achievers and some of the best of British speakers.  They are renowned for their knowledge, passion and, most essentially, their ability to coax the best out of those around them – whatever it takes, whatever and wherever the challenge.   You might not recognise them all initially, but they’ll make a memorable and lasting impression on you for the unforgettable motivation they’ll have inspired within you.

Geoff Ramm Celebrity Service at Great British Speakers
Geoff Ramm Motivational Speaker at Great British Speakers

Take a look at our Top 10 Male Motivational Speakers below.

And if you’re after a female motivational speaker, you can check out our top 10 female motivators HERE.

Winston Ben Clements

Is it time to shift the mindsets of your employees and clients? In order to create a culture of resilience, high performance, teamwork and inclusion within your organisation, book a talk from the motivational Winston Ben Clements.

Winston Ben Clements | Great British Speakers

Despite a rare bone disorder that stunted his growth, Winston built a successful corporate career in the Technology industry. He is an award-winning speaker, whose powerful message continues to inspire audiences worldwide to break through their own self-imposed barriers. He has been invited to deliver 2 TED talks in the UK and Belgium that have had a massive impact in the online space!

Steve Carr

Steve Carr is a wellbeing and mental health advocate. His dedication for helping others came after multiple childhood traumas and a turbulent adulthood wrecked by addictions and mental health problems, leading to multiple suicide attempts. He emerged a man with a mission to change the world of mental health, to ensure no one has to face adversity or challenges alone.

Steve Carr | Great British Speakers

Sam Jones

Sam Jones Sam Jones is the Founder of several companies and apps (All In, TwentySomeone, TIME score) in the area of mental wellbeing and has been a personal coach to over 300 clients, including many young celebrities and entrepreneurs. After being on Job Seekers Allowance at 21, Sam now works with individuals and global brands, often using his unique T.I.M.E. research to help them perform better and feel better.

Sam Jones | Great British Speakers

Paul McGee

Paul McGee aka ‘The SUMO GUY’ is one of the UK’s leading speakers on the subject of change, workplace relationships and motivation. His provocatively titled book SUMO (Shut Up, Move On) became an instant bestseller and his book on Self Confidence reached number one in the WH Smith’s business book chart and remained there for a further 24 weeks. He has appeared on BBC Breakfast television and is a regular contributor on BBC Radio and is a lead speaker in business psychology and development.

Paul McGee | Great British Speakers

Michael McGrath

Michael McGrath made history in 2004 by becoming the first disabled person to lead expeditions to both the north and south poles – what makes this achievement all the more remarkable is that in 1984, aged just 18yrs, Michael was diagnosed with the muscle wasting disease muscular dystrophy (MD).

Michael McGrath | Great British Speakers

Kriss Akabusi MBE

Kriss Akabusi MBE is an engaging, inspiring and transformational speaker. Kriss is famous for his achievements in athletics where his greatest individual triumph was his gold medal in the 1990 European Championships, beating David Hemery’s 22-year-old British record for 400m hurdles, a record which Kriss still holds to this day.

Kriss Akabusi MBE | Great British Speakers

As a speaker, Kriss talks on goal-setting, teamwork, personal development and just living in the moment; how to manage transitions and how to deliver peak performance.

John Hotowka

John Hotowka’s ’Achievement Thinking’ methodology teaches how any individual person, team or organisation can develop the mind-set of an achiever, ready to take on any challenge and achieve their goals.

John Hotowka | Great British Speakers

John’s insights and simple, practical tools to achieve more with less, build resilience and manage change to improve your bottom line… even in hard times.

Jamie McDonald

Jamie McDonald spent the first nine years of his life in and out of the hospital with a rare spinal condition known as syringomyelia. Despite his childhood set backs, in February 2014, Jamie finished a historic journey across Canada, becoming the first person in history to run the 5,000 miles from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast without the aid of a support crew.  

Jamie McDonald | Great British Speakers

His run raised more than £250,000 for sick children in Canada and the UK. He battled -40°C temperatures, the Rockies, a frostbitten nose, and numerous potentially challenge-stopping injuries, but he battled on and completed the race in Vancouver.

Geoff Ramm

Geoff Ramm is the creator of Celebrity Service and OMG Marketing. He is an expert on customer attraction, marketing and sales techniques that help secure repeat business and generate profit.

Geoff Ramm Celebrity Service at Great British Speakers

See Geoff in action with his Celebrity Service talk at the NSA convention in Dallas, Texas in the summer of 2018 HERE.

The Bauer Media Group achieved a 70% response rate to a B2B Valentine Card after implementing OMG Marketing techniques – what could you achieve?

Geoff Ramm ‘OMG Marketing’ at Great British Speakers

Casper Berry

A co-founder of Twenty-First Century Media, Caspar Berry, built the company into the fastest growing audio visual media company in the North East of England, selling in 2008 to Bob Geldolf’s Media Company Ten Alps, now known as Zinc Media.

While working the media, he began his career as a speaker – a catalyst for new thinking within business about risk-taking and decision-making.

Caspar Berry | Great British Speakers

In 2005, Casper became a trainer for The Mind Gym. He has since become one of the best-known business speakers in the UK. He has delivered over 600 speeches over the last six years, for over 200 companies around the world.

Today, his presentations focus on the need to embrace uncertainty and taking calculated risks in order to get ahead and achieve success. They are not sector-specific and are therefore perfect for any training day or conference where new ideas need to be discussed or debated. He is very inspirational and stimulates change with his upbeat and energetic style.

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And this is just a small sample of the talents we have to offer, so if you’re after someone different, then you can view all of our motivational and inspirational speakers (females included) HERE, where you can create a shortlist of your favourites and share them with your colleagues and clients. 

Once you have made your selection, or if you need help finding the right artist then contact our directors Jane and Steve at Great British Speakers or call 01753 439 289 to speak to a member of the Great British UK Team.

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