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17th Jun 2022

An important part of business is knowing how to look after the finances. And with the future economic forecast uncertain, being clever with money is crucial. With their expert experience, our finance speakers are guaranteed to offer useful information that you can apply immediately, which can help you save money – from investing to marketing and personal finance too!

Here are just a few of our top Financial Speakers available to hire for your next event

Jasmine Birtles

A financial spokeswoman, Jasmin Birtles has helped promote the financial services of numerous companies worldwide. She is the founder of the financial website, a lifestyle-based website providing information on personal finance, environmental and ethical living; how to run a small business and how to make extra money.

As well as being hired as a keynote speaker, Jasmine uses her experience to teach others on the secrets of a successful career, through a number of workshops and PR Campaigns. To read more about Jasmine’s experience and speaking topics, click here.

Tayo Oguntonade

An experienced mortgage broker, property expert, blogger, and investor, Tayo Oguntonade regularly uses his expertise to break down complex and relevant property topics for the everyday person to understand. Tayo’s speaking topics are specifically split into the following categories: property, and economics and current affairs.

Tayo Oguntonade Hire TV finance property journalist Host Moderator book at Agent Great British Presenters

Tayo’s interest in property started early on, however, he noticed that there were many myths and a lack of knowledge around the UK property marketing, preventing people from getting on the property later and very few solutions. This gave Tayo an idea. Inspired by his love of property development and interest in finance, Tayo studied to become a qualified mortgage broker.

This qualification bought him closer to the ins and outs of the property market and allowed him to buy his first property at just 22 years old. He applied a finance-minded approach to this purchase and rented out two of the rooms in his three-bedroom home to help him pay the mortgage. By following property trends and learning by experience, he has gone from strength to strength and grown to become a successful property investor.  To read more about Tayo’s experience and speaking topics, click here.

Gemma Bird (aka Money Mum)

Gemma Bird aka ”Money Mum” has turned her obsession for money-saving into a business success. From sharing her top tips with her thousands of followers on social media to being hired for corporate finance talks for leading businesses, Gemma thrives on helping others be savvy with money. Gemma is not your average financial adverse. A completely unique speaker, Gemma offers, down-to-earth financial advice and stands by her philosophy; that being smart with money does not make you ‘boring’ or ‘cheap.’ Ultimately, Gemma’s end goal is to always help her followers and clients feel more secure financially, and when speaking to the younger generation especially, she aims to make thrifting and saving money ‘cool,’ in the hope’s that they learn to build a financially stable future too. To read more about Gemma’s experience and speaking topics, click here.

Gemma Bird book hire Money Mum Digital Creator Speaker Save Money Finance Personal at Agent Great British Speakers



Emmanuel Asuquo

Emmanuel Asuquo is a Financial Adviser & Founder of the financial services companies Noir Excel and The Eman Effect. He works with individuals and business owners to help them plan and prepare for their financial future. Over the years Emmanuel has seen the financial markets rise and fall and has helped numerous clients reach their financial goals and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

Emmanuel Asuquo personal finance financial advisor savings banking expert speaker coach at Great British Speakers

Emmanuel has a fun, energetic and passionate delivery style and has a way to bring financial advice to life and make financial education relatable and easy to understand. The feedback from his seminars and talks has been extremely positive and Emmanuel looks forward to helping change the lives of many more people. To read more about Emmanuel’s experience and speaking topics, click here.

Save Well Spend Better Emmanuel Asuquo Anna Wiliamson Bianca Miller Cole Great British Speakers
Emmanuel with fellow GREAT BRITISH SPEAKERS’ with the ”Save Well, Spend Better” team Anna Williamson and Bianca Miller-Cole.


Liz Barclay

Liz Barclay is a finance writer and one of the most recognised voices on British radio, sharing her common-sense approach to money and finance on the BBC4 radio show “You and Yours”. In 2021, Liz was appointed, Small Business Commissioner to lead the national effort to prevent poor payment practices which cause thousands of small businesses to close every year. She is the first female to be appointed to the role. To read more about Liz’s experience and speaking topics, click here.


Bridgid Nzekwu was Channel 4’s  Money Reporter during the credit crunch and early recession and received a Special Commendation at the 2008 Personal Finance Awards.  She also hosted the educational series ‘Save Money’ for Teachers TV and fronted a live-streamed business guidance show for Llyods Banking Group.   As a media moderator, confident public speaker and news reporter, Bridgid is an established host, moderator, keynote speaker and more… To read more about Bridgid’s experience and speaking topics, click here.





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