Jasmine Birtles

Jasmine Birtles

Jasmine Birtles is best known as a financial expert, TV presenter, author, journalist, business commentator and humourist, often combining all her experience into one job.

Her mission is to demystify money and give practical advice to help people get out of debt and manage their finances by spending less, making more and investing for a secure future.

She has money saving and money making ideas, as well as wise spending habits. With a background in stand-up comedy and comedy writing, she’s a financial expert with a twist – unique in that she is able to combine her knowledge of business and personal finance with her comedy skills, making a worrying subject palatable and easy to understand.

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Both your visual and verbal presentation went down well and we have all enjoyed working with you. you certainly are a true professional.
BT Worldwide

It was great to have you as our presenter. I think you caught the mood of the event just right.

Jasmine was the keynote speaker at the Business South Annual Conference in May. The audience was a mix of public and private sector attendees from across Hampshire, Sussex & Dorset. Working with Jasmine to deliver the keynote was effortless. She was incredibly enthusiastic about our business and event, arriving earlier and staying later to really get involved. We corresponded in advanced to discuss the speaker brief and our expectations and she was very well received by the audience on the day.
Sally Lynskey Thompson, CEO Business South

A massive thank you on behalf of the entire team at Blend Network and from myself. You did an absolutely great job and everyone I spoke to was so complimentary of you and of the speech you gave. Real value was gained.
Roxana Mohammadian-Molina, Innovative Finance

Jasmine Birtles has been an integral part of bringing financial wellness education to the employees of NBCUniversal UK. Her advice on budgeting, savings and investing has been well received by employees. Thanks to Jasmine and her ability to simplify complex financial subjects, our employees now understand subjects such as compounding interest as it relates to investments vs debt. We really appreciate the financial expertise and instant connectivity she brings to every engagement. I look forward to arranging even more financial advising sessions by Jasmine.
Martel Nevill, Global HR 

Jasmine was a great host at one of our most important and high profile events earlier this year. She was very easy to work with, responsive and flexible. Amazing delivery and great execution of the brief in a very short notice. She would be an asset to any corporate event.
Thiago Kiwi, Headspring from the FT and IE Business School

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