Elevate That Holiday Spirit with The UK’s Best Corporate Christmas Entertainment – 2024!

29th Aug 2023

Tired of the same old office Christmas parties? This year, make your company’s Christmas entertainment unforgettable by hiring of the the UK’s leading corporate workplace Christmas party entertainers.

Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment UK find the best hosts bands comedians at speaker agent Great British Speakers

Learn more about our Christmas entertainers…

Why Hire a Leading Event Entertainer for Your Christmas Party?

They Boost Morale & Team Spirit: Break away from the routine and bring a wave of joy to your team. Engaging entertainment creates a relaxed atmosphere, fostering better employee relations and collaboration.

They Provide Memorable Experiences: Unique entertainment options like live music, magicians, or improv shows provide a shared experience that colleagues will talk about for years to come. It’s not just an event; it’s a cherished memory.

Provides a Time to Unwind: The holiday season can be overwhelming. Letting professionals handle the entertainment takes the pressure off your plate, allowing you to enjoy the festivities alongside your team.

Promotes Inclusivity: Corporate entertainment can be tailored to suit various preferences and cultures, ensuring everyone feels included and respected during the celebration.

Encourages Networking: Entertainment breaks the ice, making networking and conversations more natural. It’s an excellent opportunity to foster relationships and even brainstorm new ideas.

Shows Employee Appreciation: Show your team that their hard work is valued. A well-planned event with entertainment demonstrates your appreciation and dedication to their well-being.

Enhances Your Brand’s Image: Hosting a top-notch Christmas event reflects positively on your company’s image. It shows clients, partners, and prospective employees that you prioritize a vibrant and dynamic workplace culture.

It’s a Celebration of the Year’s Achievements: Cap off the year on a high note! Christmas entertainment helps celebrate achievements and milestones, setting a positive tone for the upcoming year.

Our Top Recommendations for Christmas Entertainment 2024

Comedians | Corporate Christmas Entertainment

Hiring a renowned celebrity comedian stands as a definite method to inject enthusiasm into your annual office Christmas party. We are privileged to collaborate with top-notch comedians from the UK. Whether you choose from the options provided below or opt for the established skills of just one of our many popular comedians below –

View all of our outstanding comedic talents HERE

Magicians | Corporate Christmas Entertainment

We’re happy to announce that this year, we are again collaborating with some of the most enchanting performers in the industry, including Aaron Calvert, a former doctor turned into a mind-reader and hypnotist extraordinaire. Having traded his stethoscope for the spotlight, Aaron captivates audiences in theaters across the UK, on television, and at corporate functions with his charisma and captivating performances. This holiday season, we are thrilled to partner with Aaron to present our clients with an utterly distinctive and unforgettable experience.

Aaron Calvert Illusionist Mind Reader Hypnotist speaker at Agent Great British Speakers

But Aaron isn’t the sole conjurer in our ranks demonstrating why a corporate magician can truly captivate and beguile your attendees. Another remarkable addition is Ben Hanlin, one of our talented close-up magicians. You might even recall spotting him on the ‘Dancing on Ice’ (ITV, 2019) adding an extra layer of familiarity and excitement to his mystifying performances.

Ben Hanlin ITV Tricked star magician entertainer broadcaster presenter illusionist at Great British Speakers

View all of our incredible magicians HERE

Musicians | Corporate Christmas Entertainment

On the other hand, if your aim is to encourage everyone to hit the dance floor during the festive season, you might want to contemplate the idea of enlisting a corporate band like Radio Kings. They stand as one of the most in-demand and exceptionally praised bands in the events sector, carrying a track record of excellence that is well-known throughout the corporate realm.


View all of our famous musicians and talented corporate bands HERE

Interactive Workshops | Corporate Christmas Entertainment

For all those foodies out there, why not consider some creative and unique options for your work Christmas party this year! Incorporating experiences like wine-tasting and baking sessions, can indeed be a fun way to bring your team together and create memorable moments.

Just some of the workshops we have to offer include;

  1. Wine-Tasting with Joe Wadsack: Hosting a wine-tasting session, whether in person or virtually, can be a delightful and educational experience. Wine Expert Joe Wadsack could guide your team through different types of wines, offering insights into their flavors, pairings, and the art of wine appreciation.
  2. Afternoon Tea with Jane Maylon: If your team prefers a more relaxed and cozy gathering, an afternoon tea with Jane Maylon’s expertise could be a charming choice. Enjoying a proper English tea, scones, finger sandwiches, and other treats while learning about tea varieties and proper etiquette can create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  3. Cooking with Dean Edwards: TV Chef Dean Edwards can lead a baking session where your team members can learn to create festive treats. Baking together can foster teamwork and creativity, and everyone can enjoy the delicious results of their efforts afterward.
  4. Chocolate-Making (& tasting) with Marc Demarquette: Chocolatier Marc Demarquette could provide an exciting chocolate-making experience. Your team can learn about the art of working with chocolate, create their own unique treats, and take home delicious goodies.
Afternoon Team building with Jane Malyon at Great British Speakers

After Dinner Speakers | Corporate Christmas Entertainment

Selecting an ideal post-dinner speaker for your occasion can be challenging due to the multitude of choices available. Fortunately, at Great British Speakers, we exclusively collaborate with the finest After Dinner Speakers in the industry, simplifying the process for event organizers with busy schedules like yours. Indeed, engaging an after-dinner speaker for a Christmas event presents a wonderful opportunity to invigorate, uplift, and foster a sense of positivity. Learn more about how we can help you find the best after-dinner speakers for your event HERE.

Unveiling the Secrets Finding the Best After-Dinner Speaker through a Speaker Agent

View all of our After Dinner Speakers HERE

Event Hosts | Corporate Christmas Entertainment

For those considering ways to acknowledge their team’s efforts at the close of yet another challenging year, introducing a touch of Hollywood elegance by organising a dazzling Christmas awards gala could be an inspired choice. While the nature of the accolades remains at your discretion, when it comes to the role of hosting, why not consider enlisting a presenter who knows how to entertain a crowd.

Live Event and Awards Hosts: As the curtains draw on another demanding year, a splendid Christmas awards ceremony could be the perfect platform to recognize your team’s achievements. Elevate the occasion with a hint of Hollywood allure, infusing a glitzy ambiance that resonates with the spirit of celebration. When it comes to overseeing the proceedings, the choice of presenter is crucial.

Craig-Stevens-host-FIM-awards-Monaco-book at agent Great-British-Speakers

Choosing an Accomplished Emcee: Why not consider engaging the services of a seasoned presenter who possesses the artistry of engaging with stars? By selecting a host experienced in navigating conversations with celebrities, you can infuse an extra layer of sophistication and charm into the ceremony. This not only ensures the seamless flow of the event but also adds a touch of glamour that aligns perfectly with the festive occasion.

Amid the glittering setting of a Christmas awards gala, the right host can amplify the prestige of the event and create an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Whether it’s offering words of praise, announcing accolades, or conducting insightful interviews, a skilled emcee can elevate the ceremony to new heights, leaving your team inspired and delighted.

Adora Oleh female London fashion lifestyle corporate live event host at Great British Presenters

View all of our Live Awards Host and Emcees HERE

Live ‘Voice of God’ Hosts & Celebrity Voices | Corporate Christmas Entertainment

Additionally, we offer a wide array of voiceover artists who specialise in the role of the ‘Voice of God’ announcers. Our voiceover roster includes individuals with extensive experience in delivering live or pre-recorded audio. These artists have earned their stripes as announcers for some of the most prominent global events, such as the 2012 Olympics Games and the BAFTA awards.

Exceptional Expertise: Our voiceover artists are unparalleled in their skill and proficiency. With a wealth of experience under their belts, they are adept at commanding attention and setting the tone for significant occasions.

A Resounding Presence: Whether you opt for a live announcement or a meticulously pre-recorded message, our voiceover artists possess the ability to capture the essence of your event. Their voices resonate with authority, elegance, and gravitas, enriching the overall atmosphere of the occasion.

World-Class Standards: Having lent their voices to some of the grandest events on a global scale, our artists adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence. Their contributions can elevate your event, imbuing it with the level of prestige and sophistication it truly deserves.

When considering how to enhance the impact of your Christmas awards ceremony or any significant event, the choice of a seasoned ‘Voice of God’ announcer can bring an air of sophistication and professionalism that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. To book a professional voiceover artist contact us via our sister-site Great British Voices.

And if you’re after a recognisable voice, then you can now hire a Celebrity Voiceover with us too!

Book a famous celebrity voice actors voice over at Great British Voices

Book The UK’s Best Corporate Christmas Entertainment!

This holiday season, invest in your team’s happiness and well-being with the best workplace corporate Christmas entertainers. It’s not just an expense; it’s an investment in creating a more cohesive, motivated, and connected team.

Contact us now to discover the perfect entertainment options for your company’s festivities! Email bookings@greatbritishtalent.com or call +44 1753 439 289 to speak to a member of the Great British Talent team.


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