Aaron Calvert

Aaron Calvert

As a hypnotist, mind reader and doctor, Aaron fuses psychology and hypnosis to push the boundaries of what people can and will do. Swapping the stethoscope for the stage, the Mancunian now uses his charm and showmanship to fill theatres around the UK, receiving multiple 5-star reviews from his fans and national press.

Most recently Aaron performed his sell-out Edinburgh Fringe show ‘Aaron Calvert: Mind Games’, the 22-day run broke PBH Fringe records with over 5000 people witnessing Aaron’s debut spectacle.

Audiences describe him as a “Quirky and refreshing alternative that will leave you absolutely baffled” (Daily Mail) and quite literally stuck to your seat!

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Aaron Calvert: Mind Games is a refreshing and quirky alternative which will leave you baffled.”

– Daily Mail


“Jaw-dropping entertainment from a modern day wizard”

– The Telegraph


“Brilliant, hilarious and very clever”

– Key 103 Radio


How does Aaron always know exactly what we’re thinking?!”

– Iris Worldwide


“Glen is without doubt one of the most experienced Presenters that I have worked with over the years, particularly in a corporate context. He is able to grasp a subject quickly and present well on camera. An added bonus is his ability to use the “earpiece” method, thereby negating the need of a prompt system. This is a extremely beneficial on location.”

– Charles Marriott : Freelance Film & TV Director

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