BBC presenter – book Anthea Turner, a popular events host at Great British Speakers

31st Jan 2018

If you want to book Anthea Turner then she probably needs no introduction!

Anthea-Turner,-Tracy-Island,-Blue-Peter, 60,-interior-design,-lifestyle,-healthy-living,-presenter,-TV-host,-book at-Great-British-Speakers,

A UK TV favourite since the late 1980’s, progressing from TV in Manchester. Subsequently landing the sought after job as BBC TV Blue Peter Presenter in 1992.

At the BBC she famously presented the most successful ‘homemade make’ in the history of ‘Blue Peter’. It resulted in excess of 100,000 viewers writing in for details of how to make ‘Tracy Island’ from Thunderbirds.

She then went onto the GMTV sofa, and in 1994 was the inaugural presenter of BBC1’s ‘National Lottery Live’ programme, viewed by millions every Saturday night.

She has presented a number of subjects she is passionate about including publishing a book to accompany Perfect Housewife series 1 and 2 as well as DVD releases.

Anthea-Turner,-Tracy-Island,-Blue-Peter, 60,-interior-design,-lifestyle,-healthy-living,-presenter,-TV-host,-book at-Great-British-Speakers,

Anthea wrote two further books… ‘How to Entertain in Style’ and ‘Perfect Christmas’ helping to establish her as the ultimate domestic goddess.

Anthea has, over the years, presented top shows on a variety of subjects close to her heart. These ranged from creating the perfect home to food, pets, travel and fitness.

You can not only book Anthea Turner at Great British Speakers, she’s actually is just one of a great team of high profile female celebrity personalities we have available for corporate events such as Lizzie Cundy, AJ Odudu, Alex Hollywood, Angie Best, Carol Smillie, Dame Twiggy, Claudia Winkleman, Sandi Toksvig and Mary Berry.

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To book Anthea Turner – she’s available for various corporate presenting work such as corporate events, hosting, personal appearances and other assignments contact us.

Or call Jane Farnham at Great British Presenters on 01753 439 289

Anthea-Turner,-Tracy-Island,-Blue-Peter, 60,-interior-design,-lifestyle,-healthy-living,-presenter,-TV-host,-book at-Great-British-Speakers,

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