Steve Love

Steve Love

Steve trained in the Royal Navy and had the honour of serving on the Royal Yacht Britannia, then he left the high seas and became an accomplished chef in his own right managing a multi kitchen site and moving into development for the world’s leading food manufacturer.

He is an award-winning chef who influences and inspirers culinarians from all parts of the globe. He has travelled extensively around the world researching many types of regional cuisine seeking the next big food trend.

Steve believes that Health and wellbeing is one of the big influences in food trends for the future and believes in a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet.

Steve’s latest project is developing a series of virtual culinary seminars, topics to include Health and wellbeing, regional world cuisines and virtual team building.

With 40 years of experience in the foodservice and corporate food development arena, Steve is a passionate speaker who can host, present culinary demonstrations and food tasting.

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