Oz Clarke OBE

Oz Clarke OBE

Oz Clarke OBE is a one of the world’s most renowned wine experts, award-winning author and broadcaster. He is known for his exceptional palate, accurate predictions and his unique irreverent style.

His impeccable wine tasting ability goes back to his days at Oxford University where he regularly won wine tasting competitions. Today he is regarded as having one of the finest palates of anyone writing about wine and has been awarded all the major wine writing awards in the UK and the USA.

Known for his unorthodox wit and directness that he brings to the subject of wine tasting, Oz established himself as a familiar face on TV. He has presented or featured in many programmes, including 19 years presenting the iconic BBC Food & Drink programme and more recently as the wine presenter on James Martin’s Saturday Morning.

In addition to his prominence on television, Oz has published over 30 books about wine including Oz Clarke’s Wine Guide, which won the Wine Magazine Book of the Year Award, The History of Wine in 100 Bottles and 250 Best Wines Wine Buying Guide.

With his reputation as one of the world’s best wine tasters and experts, Oz is a popular keynote speaker at large events and Expos and was voted best keynote speaker at California Wine Experience in San Francisco.

Global recognition has made Oz a popular choice for the likes of Singapore Airlines to whom he is wine consultant, and Laithwaite’s Wine who retail a selection of wines chosen by Oz.  He regularly hosts wine tastings, tours, and awards for the cruise and travel industry, and for international corporate clients.

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