Dr Louisa Preston

Dr Louisa Preston

Dr Louisa Preston is an astrobiologist based at the University College London as a Lecturer in Planetary Science. She has also worked at the Birkbeck University of London and that National History Museum as their respective UK Space Agency Aurora Research Fellows, NYU London as a Lecturer, Research Associate at The Open University and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Western University. She is also the co-chair for both the Astrobiology and Outreach Working Groups for the PanCam team and on the science team for the first Canadian Lunar Rover.

Louisa’s research has taken her to some of the world’s harshest environments to outline the possibility for extra-terrestrial life forms and habitats to exist on Earth.

Dr Louisa Preston uses her expertise to teach future generations – particularly girls – about the importance of science, making sure that the public-facing aspect of science fairly represents the diversity and personality of scientists.

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Preston’s accessible writing style, enthusiasm and optimism succeed at informing as well as tickling readers’ imaginations.
Publishers Weekly

Ably distilling complicated science into digestible portions, Preston’s balance of wonkiness and wide appeal is also ‘just right’ and suited for anyone who’s interested in the Curiosity rover’s exploits on Mars and wants to learn more.

Fascinating…It’s a compelling book to read at this moment, as man-made climate change is throwing planetary systems off balance. In her brief history of the Earth, and of the other rocks that hurtle around space with us, Preston shows just how very lucky we are to live on a planet that is – for now at least – just right.

Louisa is that rare breed – a brilliant academic who can effortlessly communicate her subject with clarity, authority and warmth to us all. A fascinating overview of what is simply the most profound and exciting story in science.
Dallas Campbell, Science Broadcaster and Television Presenter 

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