Ayishat Akanbi

Ayishat Akanbi

Speaker Ayishat Akanbi is a fashion stylist and visual expressionist. Since making her entrance onto the fashion scene in 2010, she has been a stylist for high profile celebrities in music, sport, TV and film.

Ayishat Akanbi has worked with several clients on ITV’s The X Factor, including JLS and their member Aston Merrygold when he was a judge on Sky’s So You Think You Can Dance. She has garnered the attention of many music artists and TV personalities due to her unique ability to understand an individual’s political, psychological and artistic beliefs and use this to influence their style.

Combining her passion for fashion with her belief in socio-political ideas, Ayishat has an influential voice in both the academic and creative worlds.

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Ayishat is amazing, we LOVE her – that’s why we’ve had her back three times!!!
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[Ayishat] has an enlightened and elegant touch.

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