Johanna electrifies the Jaguar I-PACE on location filming shoot with Gethin Jones in San Diego.

2nd May 2018

Great British Presenters Johanna explains the latest concept in electric vehicles the Jaguar I-PACE

Hire-English-American-Spanish-TV-corporate-video-presenter-Johanna-at-Great-British-Speakers-location filming

Great British Presenters Johanna has just returned from location filming in sunny California where she’s been working on a series of explainer videos about the fabulous all-new Jaguar I-PACE.

Hire-English-American-Spanish-TV-corporate-video-presenter-Johanna-at-Great-British-Speakers-location filming

She plays the part of ‘the expert’ product specialist opposite the ‘consumer’, presenter Gethin Jones, (Available on our sister site Great British Speakers) who aside from his role in the video is a product ambassador and is expecting delivery of an I-PACE of his own very shortly.

The series of short films cover various aspects of ownership from charging, driving, navigation and safety, and is aimed at both consumers and dealers.

The client said “Just now starting to edit the I-PACE films together and they are looking great. The chemistry between you and Gethin works really well. Thank you so much for all your work and professionalism during – what was – a very tightly scheduled job.”

Although originally from Peru, Johanna spent much of her younger life in California, in fact, she went to University very close to the shooting location in San Diego. While she’s now married and settled in London her American passport allowed her to work in the United States simply, without the production company having to endure complex paperwork and at quite short notice.

Johnanna is also fluent in Spanish; while her Spanish-speaking skills were not a requirement of this job, Johanna has also recently been filming in London at a green-screen studio, where her South American Spanish was perfect for their market!

Take a look at Johanna’s full bio page HERE.

Johanna is just a great example of the depth and breadth of talent for location filming we have at Great British Presenters, allowing us to offer flexibility and choice to media producers worldwide.

To hire Peruvian South American speaking TV presenter Jo contact us. Or call Jane Farnham at Great British Presenters on 01753 439 289

Hire-English-American-Spanish-TV-corporate-video-presenter-Johanna-at-Great-British-Speakers-location filming

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