Ethical AI- What does it mean?

27th Feb 2020


Self-driving cars, voice assistants, drone deliveries, and even automated vacuum cleaners are entering our lives at a pace that we can’t seem to keep up with. Indeed, the benefits of these AI-driven enhancements seem obvious: consistency, accuracy, efficiency.

Yet, our tendency to romanticise these new technologies can sometimes cloud the glaring harms they can bring us.

As these AI-based systems are impacting society and business, have we really taken time out to think about the ethics and morality of these systems? What impact will these technologies have on our emotional wellbeing? How can we drive revenue and produce growth as a business, while being ethically and morally conscious of the consumer? If my self-driving car is faced with two disastrous outcomes, which should it choose and why?

The future of ethical AI cannot rely on companies hiring fancy engineers and designers, or falling back on lean methodologies and habit-forming design protocols. The conscious and responsible companies of our time and beyond must also look to philosophers and psychologists, and will take principles from behavioural sciences, and even religion.

An ethical approach to these transformative times will constitute more than just an understanding of the good and the bad, but also on developing and utilising tools and frameworks that will maximise the good while minimising the bad.


In a sociological environment where individual freedoms are greater than ever before, it is key to remember that true freedom also comes with great responsibility.

This realisation will form the basis of the evolution that technology companies will experience as they mature from the zeal of what can be done with AI, to the responsibility of what should be done with AI.

About the author, Sina Kahen

Sina Kahen Medical Technology industries Conversational AI artificial intelligence Keynote panelist at Great British Speakers Ethical AI

Sina Kahen hails from the AI and Medical Tech industries, with experience spanning strategy, design, and innovation in over 50 countries.

Sina is a thought-leader in Conversational AI, and a keynote speaker on artificial intelligence, the future of healthcare, and the links between emotions and technology.

Thought leader Sina is in demand as a keynote speaker and panel member for technology events and private client events on topics such as Business Strategy, Disruptive Innovation, Futurism, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Startups, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, and Digital Health.

These are some of his most popular STEM talk titles:

• The Potential of AI for Brands and Consumers

• The Conversational Revolution: Voice & Chatbots

• The Future of Healthcare

• What is the Impact of Technology on our Emotions?

• Emotional Intelligence

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• Disruption: What’s Hype and What’s Reality?

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