Sina Kahen

Sina Kahen

Sina Kahen hails from the AI and Medical Tech industries, with experience spanning strategy, design, and innovation in over 50 countries.

Sina is a thought-leader in Conversational AI, and a keynote speaker on artificial intelligence, the future of healthcare, and the links between emotions and technology.

Type Of Speaker


Sina has a magnetic charismatic presence that makes him an excellent speaker and host of events. Despite being only a few years into the industry he established credibility as one of the top inquisitive voices and thought leaders of the A.I. & voice tech community. Sina knows how to balance perspectives, open bright and inspiring questions, focus attention on the most relevant topics and create an inclusive, energized discussion space.

– Google

Sina is an incredibly charismatic and knowledgeable speaker. He engages and captivates the audience by asking intelligent, thought-provoking questions. He speaks very clearly and breaks down topics into digestible and coherent parts. This resulted in a flawless talk that was well received by our community of designers and product managers at an event held at Amazon headquarters.

– Mobile UX London

Sina is an excellent speaker and very experienced professional in the field. His performance at the World Voice Innovation Summit was a great success! Apart from making his presentation informative and interactive, it was packed with interesting use cases and practical advice for the audience. Having Sina as a speaker brings great value and guarantees the success of your event!

– Luxatia International

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Sina Kahen on podcasts and panel discussions. Sina has a special skill in making useful content very interesting, and interesting content very useful. Most importantly, Sina brings passion to every public speaking occasion.

– Imperial College University of London

Working with Sina has been an absolute pleasure on all levels; as chairperson, he displays professionalism yet succeeds in keeping the room vibrant and fun – a tough balance to strike; as a speaker, he injects an infectious dose of passion and expertise into his presentations.”

– Producer, MarketforceLive

Sina is an accomplished presenter and thought leader and has a wide array of knowledge that goes far beyond voice. His grasp of topics like voice technology, biomimicry and med-tech, and his ability to translate his knowledge into applicable principles transcends industries and empowers everyone who hears him speak to be better armed to connect with the users on the other ends of their products and services. Sina has a strong empathy for the people he presents with and writes for which allows him to quickly get to the heart of what matters to them and find a way to connect his ideas to their individual needs and interests. He’s incredibly well-spoken, mesmerizing audiences, with his wit, charm, and ability to weave a narrative.

– Chief Experience Officer, RAIN

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