Container ship cruising by Girl Gone Greek Rebecca Hall

18th Nov 2019

Our ‘Girl Gone Greek’ blogger, travel writer, debut author and speaker Rebecca Hall has been really busy of late, most recently appearing on the USA’s number 1 travel radio show RM World Travel.


The show creators and married travel commentators Robert & Mary Carey, along with journalist Rudy Maxa have created a massive following not just in the US but across the globe with their fun, fast-moving and informative delivery of travel rips and hacks that are invaluable for the novice and seasoned traveller.

Rebecca Hall with RMWorldTravel with Robert Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa

They recently did a great spot on the logistics of cruising on container ships – yes it is possible!

As you’d expect they invited seasoned travel writer Rebecca to share her experiences on her particular journey for the benefit of their listeners, which you can hear below:

Of cruising by container ship, Rebecca says: “It’s an entirely different way to experience travel – not about the destination, but the journey.
Depending on route and voyage, there are a certain amount of cabins reserved for passengers, maybe 4, 5 maximum, yet on my particular voyage: Athens to Hong Kong via other European ports, I was the only passenger.
I essentially became accepted as a member of the crew, without undertaking any of the work (naturally you’ll understand you’re not allowed to). I ate with them, was allowed onto the bridge and had it was arranged that I could see the engine room.
For the money you’d pay on a cruise ship, you’d more than likely get a cabin with no portholes whereas my cabin was a big 25 sq meters, sofa, double bed and 4 massive portholes.
We had a small exercise pool and gym – most container ships do as naturally, you have to expect that they need to cater to the crew on board too, making their everyday work like as comfortable as possible.
Transiting the Suez Canal, watching the dolphins play in the wake through the Red Sea and the endless starry night of the Indian Ocean, as seen from the Bridge are memories that will stay with me forever.”

Girl Gone Greek

Rebecca Hall Athens Greek Blogger Travel Personal Development expert at Great British Speakers

In other news, Rebecca’s fabulous book ‘Girl Gone Greek’ has been adapted into a screenplay that she’s now busy working to drum up interest in the script – eventually to get investment into the film version. The screenplay won Best Screenplay at the 2018 London Greek Film Festival, the original book is on sale here on AMAZON

European Top rated Travel blog, Life Beyond Borders

‘Girl Gone Greek’ Rebecca is a member of the Guild of British Travel Writers and so be sure to keep in touch with what’s hot and what’s not by following Athens based Rebecca on her site ‘Life Beyond Borders’
The blog covers alternative worldwide travel, solo, luxury and Greek travel plus various European destinations.

She’s also a trained Intercultural Communicator, teaching about the importance of intercultural understanding in business and communities.

To find out more about Rebecca go to her full bio page HERE

Allow ‘Girl Gone Greek’ Rebecca Hall to inspire your audience to a life beyond borders and discuss any Greek related content, the process of travel writing, self-publishing and/or the importance of intercultural communications by contacting Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers on 0044 1753 439 289

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