Susannah Schofield OBE

Susannah Schofield OBE

Susannah Schofield is the founder and CEO of Dice Matrix Consulting, the group who owns Sports DMM and Pitch DMM. She also owns the magazine title ‘Key Women in Business’ (KWIB.co.uk) and is the Editor-in-Chief with a readership of 120,000.

Dice Matrix Consulting is a Research and Insight business, looking at either specific clients or sector and industry insights to help business develop and understand what customers and employees need.

Measuring the perception gap and identifying strengths and opportunities whilst monitoring efficiency savings. This has been running successfully since she created the business model in 2013 as part of her published book, Mind the Gap – creating a successful business strategy.

The Group moved quickly into the Sports world to help Professional clubs and Sports groups to understand how to drive Marginal Gain to reach excellence. The Group also owns the PitchDMM App which is an App to give football fans a voice and be heard.

She is also a Licensed Boxing Promoter for Unified Promotions.

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