Grace Rose Gwynne

Grace Rose Gwynne

Grace Rose Gwynne is an inspiring and motivational young lawyer, called to the Bar aged just 21, making her one of the youngest barristers in the UK.

Addressing the sexism and ageism challenges she faces on a daily basis at the Bar, a video Grace made went viral on Instagram and she was then propelled into the public eye. 

Grace now regularly appears on primetime TV and radio. She has also featured on a range of podcasts and in 2021 gave a notable TedTalk called Fighting for a Place in the Old Boys’ Club.

Grace Rose Gwynne is advocating for more female representation at the Bar following the prejudices she has experienced as a young female junior barrister working in a male-dominated profession.

Despite becoming a barrister at such a young age, it wasn’t an easy journey for Grace – working in one of the most competitive and male-dominated professions in the world, Grace has faced massive challenges and competition to reach where she is today. 

Having made headlines with her achievements, Grace makes regular appearances on TV shows, such as Good Morning Britain and has contributed to columns for national newspapers. She recently delivered an impactful TED Talk titled Fighting For A Place In The Old Boys Club, a topic which she is very passionate about.

Drawing on her experiences that enabled her to fulfil her childhood dream, Grace Rose Gwynne talks about the drive, resilience, ambition and motivation required to go for and achieve goals.

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