Shanice Pearson

Shanice Pearson

Shanice Pearson is an entrepreneur, and passionate anti-bullying keynote speaker.

Shanice has over a decade of experience in the business world, having founded the jewellery brand Neicey’s Jewels in 2014. She started the company in the hope that girls will find their own way of expressing themselves through their jewellery, and avoid succumbing to trends that may affect their self-esteem.

Whilst her own schooling was fraught with difficulties, she strongly believes that every child deserves to attend school happily, without fear of judgement, name-calling or bullying.

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The girls had a great time learning about “individuality” through your experience, which gave them the confidence to express themselves so comfortably. I know many of them can really relate. I went around and asked the younger kids about the workshop and they used words like: “Fun, creative, made me believe in myself and not worry about what other people say about me.”

The feedback some of the young people gave was that it was a very engaging workshop; they liked that you didn’t just talk at them but it was spaced out really well. They loved the topic and how it gave them a chance to experience something that they hadn’t before.

People don’t share this much positivity and how to show individuality as you do.

Shanice shared her story about being bullied which was very relatable.

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