Brett StClair

Brett StClair

Brett StClair is a business rebel technologist, digital pioneer, entrepreneur, lecturer, and keynote speaker.

After spending a decade in England, Brett returned to his hometown of Johannesburg in South Africa to launch his own digital marketing and media company. He has worked for some of the world’s leading digital businesses, including Admob, Google, and Barclays Africa.

As well as his own work plus his speaking duties, Brett has served as the co-chair of the South Africa Mobile Marketing association with the aim of establishing mobile marketing as a separate industry.

His expertise, knowledge and passion for the field have impacted thousands of audience members from around the globe.

Brett StClair promises to help structure a business’ operating model to ensure growth, and helps companies understand how to build and utilise AI systems to ensure improved customer happiness. With over 15 years of experience, Brett has worked in 32 countries, speaking at thousands of events, ranging from intimate conferences to events with 25,000 attendees.

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Brett StClair’s AI Keynote was such an informative, educational, thought-provoking and (of course) entertaining presentation in true Brett style. ChatGPT, Midjourney & Co. are fascinating to watch in real time (especially AI generated Indiana StClair) and one cannot help but wonder what it means for our professional lives going forward. What a time to be alive.
KFC Germany

MyBroadband has used Brett as a speaker for multiple coferences, and he always provides a brilliant presentation at exactly the right level. His strong tech knowledge and experience in the global digital landscape helps him to bring complex concepts together and deliver it to the audience in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. We can highly recommend him for any conference – he is a world-class speaker and a pleasure to work with.

Brett StClair’s responsibly radical approach to all things AI is enthralling. Our marketing team hung on every word as he walked us through the latest developments in ChatGPT. He delivered this fundamental keynote with great passion and deep knowledge, arming us with a potent grounding in and understand of this digital disruptor.

Thanks Brett for being our MC and Keynote Speaker at the Africa DevOps Day conference. You brought an energy to the event that I believe has not been there before. A lot of feedback has been that this was the biggest yet most relaxed Africa DevOps Day conference yet. Your keynote presentation on the Culture Behind DevOps was also very well received. I most enjoyed your point of becoming uncomfortably excited. Your personal approach to interviewing each speaker gave these interviews a vibe of intimacy enabling the speakers to relax and open up.
Barclays Africa

Brett spoke at our Integrated Marketing Communication Conference. He blew our audience away with his amazing stage presence and in-depth knowledge of the digital and AI world, which makes him an educator as well as an entertainer. Our audience loved Brett and we can’t wait to invite him back onto our stage again.
Jaco Van Zyl – IMC Conferences

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