Sammy Taylor

Sammy Taylor

Sammy Taylor was just 18 when she was first diagnosed with a brain tumour. At 25, she had brain surgery and fell into the rare 2% that suffered a cerebellar stroke, facial nerve damage and permanent eyesight impairment.

After needing to relearn how to to walk, write, feed herself and smile again – becoming the first person in the UK to have a pioneering facial reconstructive surgery – Sammy is now on a mission to remind others that although life will throw obstacles in our way that we can’t control, our ability to adapt to these challenges is what will determine how we truly live.

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It was a privilege to have Sammy Taylor as the keynote speaker. Sammy spoke of her own experience of life with a brain tumour, as a twenty-something living in London. Having undergone her surgery earlier this year, Sammy inspired the room and set the tone for the whole day as she embodied hope, positivity and the power of seeking joy and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.
Brainstrust, Optimising Health and Wellbeing Day

Sammy was amazing!! We thought her presentation was very informative and eye-opening and very grateful that she could join us on her birthday to spread awareness for women’s mental health week.

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