Orla McKeating

Orla McKeating

Orla McKeating is an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion leader, entrepreneur and international speaker. Her mission is to create trusted spaces to celebrate all people and encourage inclusion, acceptance, where all children feel seen, heard, valued and celebrated.

In 2019, Orla founded Still I Rise Diversity Storytelling, which offers learning through story sessions and workshops for children and young people. Still I Rise also provide training for adults and educators on issues typically not addressed in story books,  including race issues, neurodiversity, male mental health, LGBTQ+,  disabilities, diverse families and immigration.

Orla is an international speaker specialising in race issues, stigma, equality and inclusion and has done two TedX Talks.  She provides a transformative and authentic experience that transcends traditional narratives.

Orla McKeating’s presentations are not just informative but deeply impactful, as she skillfully employs the art of storytelling to connect with audiences on a personal level. Orla’s authentic approach inspires lasting change, leaving audiences motivated to challenge stereotypes, embrace diversity, and foster positive transformation in their own lives and communities.

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“At the BBC Staff Network Book Week Event 2023, Orla McKeating curated an engaging storytelling experience. Orla‘s genuine passion for storytelling, delivered in a down-to-earth manner, made the event memorable. The event planning fostered inclusivity and meaningful conversations, highlighting Orla‘s strengths in diverse storytelling and leaving a lasting impact.”

Angie Tandon, Chair of Embrace Staff Network, BBC NI

‘As the host and facilitator of TEDx Enniskillen Women, I extended an invitation to Orla to speak at our event based on my prior exposure to her compelling speaking experience, including her inaugural TEDx talk. Orla‘s profound expertise in the subject matter was readily apparent, and her unwavering dedication to the event, coupled with a profound respect for the TED brand, was evident throughout the entire process. She demonstrated a meticulous approach, actively participating in all pre-talk rehearsals and coaching sessions to ensure the precision of her presentation.

Orla‘s remarkable ability to captivate the audience and articulate her message resonated universally, transcending diverse beliefs. This not only inspired individuals but also broadened our perspectives by introducing new concepts and viewpoints.”

Emma Weaver, TEDx Enniskillen

“At WomenEdNI we have been fortunate to have some great speakers at our events and Orla is one of the best among them. She engages her audience through demonstrating a great balance of in-depth knowledge and exemplifications, plus practical applications where appropriate. Her own personal experiences enable her to speak with passion, authority and also at times with an amazing combination of both humility and humour – this can be really powerful.

Those who have attended her sessions at WomenEdNI have spoken about how inspirational she is and have stayed behind afterwards to ask questions and discuss issues further – as she has been very generous in her time and willingness to do this. 

Orla prepares thoroughly for every event, displaying total professionalism and commitment. I have seen people who have attended her sessions having “light-bulb” moments as Orla has shared ideas, solutions, challenges and resources to support them when working with learners – so her impact stretches further, into schools and other settings.”

Jackie Hill, FCCT, Co Founder & Strategic Network Lead for WomenEdNI

Delivery of her presentation at the conference was excellent. Orla was thoroughly professional in how she conducted herself at all times. Her delivery style was both engaging and authoritative. She demonstrated deep expertise, passion and commitment for diversity and inclusion issues. I have to admit I was gripped by her delivery; every word conveyed meaning and intensity, and a deep empathy for both the subject matter and her audience.
Don Leeson, Head of the Labour Relations Agency Northern Ireland

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