Matt Lindley

Matt Lindley

Matt Lindley was an RAF Pilot, specialising in flying VIPs such as The Queen, members of the Royal Family and Government Ministers, as well as flying missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo and Sierra Leone. He is now a commercial long haul pilot.

Matt Lindley was one of the first ever gay pilots in the Royal Air Force, and is now a very influential military figure. Matt had dreamt of being a RAF pilot ever since he was a child, and he wasn’t going to let something like LGBTQ+ prejudice stand against him. His brave journey has paved the way for change in the Armed Forces and to ensure all sexualities are represented.

Matt Lindley now runs workshops and keynotes based on lessons he has learnt whilst flying, aimed at reducing human error in the workplace. He uses fascinating case studies of aircraft accident, applies basic psychology and provides lots of ‘take homes’ for any audience.

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I cannot recommend Matt highly enough. He talked to the Close Brothers community about his journey and it resonated incredibly well with all colleagues, not just those from the LGBTQ+ community. His candour and honesty really connected with people, and the ties with wider mental wellness and resilience were incredibly topical given the current pandemic. His humour shone through and it was one of the best received external speakers we have had to date. A thorough recommendation.
Martyn, Atkinson Group, Chief Operating Officer

It was brilliant – he was great, super engaging and people were hanging on his every word, even on Zoom! Have had some great feedback already, so we are really pleased.
Charlotte, Vice President, Operations Control Management, J.P Morgan

The delivery by Matt was exceptional, his take on his experiences in the RAF really hit the mark and his humour/story telling was appreciated by so many. From those that I have discussed this with, they were extremely impressed with his presentation, there was so much contained within it that it really gave food for thought on how the RAF was then and how it is now. His range was truly amazing, from his sexuality, his drive and motivation, mental health and leadership (being able to listen) everyone listening was able to take something from it. Truly remarkable and in all honesty I so glad we could have him deliver for us.
Paul, RAFC Cranwell

From the very first briefing call, Matt was just a pleasure to work with – warm and charismatic and more importantly took the time to understand what it was we were trying to achieve and was very open to tailoring his talk where he could to really fit the content and purpose of the day. We have been inundated with feedback from our employees who were blown away by the bravery of Matt’s story. He has certainly left an impression and it’s a talk that I’m sure they will remember for some time.
Metro Bank, Diversity and Inclusion Lead

Matt’s natural ability to connect with his audience along with his energy and positive vibe absolutely captivated our audience with his incredible story. His grit and determination really resonated with so many people in the audience. The presentation that Matt put together really enhanced his speech. It was one of most captivating talks I’ve ever been to.
Elliott Nice, EA to CEO Hyperion X (Insurance)

I was fortunate enough to listen to Matt speak at a recent LGBT diversity and inclusion event. Matt shared his own journey as a gay man growing up and achieving his dream to be a pilot which took him the macho world of the RAF and how throughout this time he kept his sexuality bottled. He was able to thread into this the impact that sustained stress and stressful events can have on your performance and if left unchecked the catastrophic outcomes that can result.

He sincerely described how having to hide one’s sexuality is a significant source of sustained stress in one’s life providing a compelling reason why being inclusive is so essential to avoid this unnecessary situation. It also served as a reminder that each and every one of us faces stress and stressful situations everyday whether it be about being LGBT, a difficult family situations, illness the list goes on and reminded me how embracing diversity and being supportive of each other is beneficial to our overall well-being.
Brad, Royal Bank of Canada

The event went amazingly well – and Matt was brilliant! We have already received great feedback and everyone was pleasantly surprised with how broad his presentation was as well.
Lillie, Convex Insurance

Matt’s ability to use his extensive experience in the airline industry, to clearly articulate lessons and solutions to the vitally important topic of patient safety, is refreshing and insightful. Human factors, attitude to risk and creating a just culture are key areas to focus and continually improve on, whatever the industry – but particularly relevant to pharmacy.
Marc Donovan, Chief Pharmacist, Walgreens Boots Alliance 

Matt came in to speak to our law firm about the impact a manager can have on someone’s life when they just listen. His talk was hugely powerful and emotional, but more importantly, it was based on real-life practicalities that we can all take forward into the legal workplace to help make a difference to those people around us.
Emma Maksimovic, Engagement & Inclusion Manager, RPC Law

You were incredibly genuine and honest which meant I felt I was going on your journey. It helped me think about people I know personally and question how their leaders and work culture may have impacted them. I left feeling a real responsibility to ensure I looked out for any obstacles, so people to feel secure, valued and respected for being themselves.

Throughout your story, the link was made back to the business environment. Especially the impact we can have as leaders. Having belief in our colleagues was particularly pertinent to me. It showed the importance that a little faith in someone, can impact the rest of their life and therefore what they give back in the work place. It helps you get the most out of your team. It wasn’t just a lovely talk, I got a lot from it.
The Co-Operative Bank

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