Martin Robert Hall

Martin Robert Hall

Performance coach Martin Robert Hall is an in-demand consultant to top athletes, ambitious individuals and leaders, and up-and-coming and established organisations, where he helps them to become the best they can be and to be able to perform consistently at a high level.

With his work praised by football manager Sir Alex Ferguson, he was awarded Business Coach of the Year in 2018 at the International Coaching Awards.

Offering consultancy, coaching, courses and workshops, Martin is also a popular keynote speaker, working for the likes of Zurich Insurance, Vitality Health, Hilton, Weetabix, Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United.

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Thought provoking, challenging and with an abundance of tools for people to take away. I have no hesitation in recommending Martin.
Matthew Hartigan, Head of Corporate, Zurich Insurance Plc.

Martin engages the brain in what we can do, via stories of extraordinary outcomes from ordinary people and explaining the psychological rationale to why we do the things we do. I really enjoyed working and learning from him. His work made a lasting impression on the team and myself.
Belal Hussain, Divisional Director, Bristol Myers Squibb

I first came across Martin whilst I was caretaker manager of Oldham Athletic. From the very first chat we had (overlooking the green turf of Boundary Park) we hit it off. I felt so comfortable just sharing my thoughts/ideas/worries with him and not being judged. He has some fantastic ideas on how to maximise every last drop of your ability and MOST IMPORTANTLY how to cope when faced with adversity. I feel lucky to be able to call on him anytime.
Dean Holden, Head Coach, Bristol City FC. 

Martin’s a superb person to work with. He’s able to present ideas with great clarity and passion and I’ve seen him transform lives on a profound level. For him, this is routine business, he’s expecting those results and indeed insists on them. He has the innate skill of instilling in people a deep motivation along with the clear means of how to get where they want to go.
Chris Bulmer, Director, Regatta 

The mental side of performance in elite football is crucial as it comes with lots of demands and pressures both on and off the pitch. I have found the support from Martin invaluable in helping me to handle these  challenges and to perform at the maximum of my ability.
Michael Keane, Everton FC and England Footballer

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I did without the support from Martin. People underestimate the skills needed to handle the pressures of elite sport and Martin always kept me grounded and got my mind in the right place. I wish more people would seek out sports psychology because the higher you go up, the more you need it in my experience.
Carly Tait, Team GB Paralympian, Double European Silver Medallist 


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