Lisa Thomas

Lisa Thomas

Adventure motorcyclist Lisa Thomas is one of the world’s best female adventure riders, having travelled further in a single journey than any other female motorcyclist in history.

After riding 500,000 miles unsupported through 80 countries and across 6 continents, she has unquestionably earned her place in the record books.

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Type Of Speaker


‘We have hosted hundreds of seminars over the years and seldom have our attendees been as entertained, informed, and captivated’ – David, BMW Motorrad USA

‘Lisa & Simon have a treasure trove of experience, advice and skills that will sustain them and others for a lifetime. ’- Richard Underwood, PROFESSOR OF CARDIAC IMAGING, IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON

‘Lisa stands out as an audience-captivating powerhouse. She definitely belongs to the thin upper league of real-world travellers and presenters who can
be trusted to present anywhere for any audience’. – Kimmo Lassila, TOURATECH-USA

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