Liberty Mills

Liberty Mills

Liberty Mills is an Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach, who regularly features in print and broadcast media sharing her expert knowledge on topics ranging from anxiety, autoimmune disease, the menopause and fertility fitness.

Liberty had a successful career as a model when she was in her twenties. However, at the age 30 she received a diagnosis of Lupus, an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and pain throughout the body. Told that there was no cure, the future looked bleak. Liberty lost most of her hair and needed a device to get her out of bed and a zimmer frame to walk.

Determined to not be defeated, Liberty spent years researching the illness. The study of integrative medicine practices helped Liberty on her road to recovery, putting into practice the knowledge and understanding she had gained.

Contrary to what doctors told her nearly 20 years ago, Liberty Mills is now free of all Lupus markers and experiences no autoimmune symptoms. It was her own journey of disease that led Liberty to become a fully qualified Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach.

In spite of her dyslexia, Liberty is currently penning her first book on wellbeing, due for publication next year.

Liberty now coaches people on how they too can reverse their health issues and speaks at colleges, universities and private companies. She is regularly interviewed in print and broadcast media and on a range of podcasts.

Liberty has an active Instagram account with over 11k followers and growing

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“Liberty presented five online sessions for our Staff Wellbeing Day at Barnsley College. The sessions were Weight management, Giving Sugar The Shove and 1-1 Health Coaching. The feedback we received from staff was extremely positive and I’m sure Barnsley College will be contacting Liberty again for future corporate events. Liberty was very polite and very helpful during the organisation of the event and a pleasure to work with. I can, with no hesitation, recommend Liberty for your employees.”

Leela Kelly, Barnsley College


“As a college we understand the need to ensure our staff have all aspects of their wellbeing considered and supported. Liberty’s ‘Give sugar the shove’ and ‘Weight Management’ workshops allowed staff to access information to help them make better choices with their lifestyles that will benefit their overall wellbeing, both from a mental and a physical perspective. Liberty uses evidence-based approaches, supported by published research and her own experience, and presents it in a way that is easy to understand and absorb. In a world where we receive so many conflicting messages, it was refreshing and inspiring to attend Liberty’s sessions that cut through the uncertainty and provided solid actions that we can take to yield tangible results. We all thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and can’t wait to welcome Liberty back to the College for our next wellbeing event.”

Jade Gibson, Assistant Principal for Quality at Wirral Met College


“Working in a high pressure global organisation where I need to be ‘always on’ was taking its toll physically and mentally. Compounded by lockdown and an inability to get to the gym regularly, I knew that burn out was probably not going to be far away if I didn’t take a different approach to my health and well being.

Liberty made herself available early mornings and late evenings for our coaching sessions which made the process even easier for me. She has an incredible energy and passion for what she does and I always left our calls feeling excited to try something new.

I would absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend working with Liberty if, like me, you lead a busy life and want to invest in your overall health and well-being.”

Brent Thurrell, Vice President BeyondTrust, Global Security Firm.

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