Kieran Tompsett

Kieran Tompsett

Kieran Tompsett is a star of the hit BBC show The Traitors. Keith, who is also a survivor of a knife attack, has lived experience of PTSD and trauma, and speaks openly about this and male mental health issues. 

Kieran, who is also a business process consultant, was considered The Game Changer of The Traitors after delivering his ‘parting gift’, the exposure of Traitor Wilf which could change the lives of the three winning contestants. This made for one of the most dramatic and jaw-dropping reality scenes on British TV.

In recent years Kieran has suffered extensively with PTSD after suffering a number of emotional events, including the horrific and life-changing experience of being stabbed, losing his mother –  who he described as his best friend – and the death of his 17-month old baby nephew. 

Kieran is a multi-faceted speaker who draws on his experiences in the hit show The Traitors, as well as surviving a knife attack that could have taken his life; coping with PTSD, as well as talking more generally about men’s mental health, suicide, trauma and managing emotional challenges.

As a business consultant, Kieran Tompsett also regularly talks about business success, the key to thriving businesses, sales strategy and business processes. 

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