Kathryn W.

Kathryn W.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Kathryn moved to England after 8 years in commercial radio broadcast. A professional voice over for almost a decade. She has the ability to sound younger than her age. Her Northern Irish accent is upbeat, charming, conversational and engaging. As well as confident, strong, sexy and sassy!

Type Of Speaker

Similar Talent

  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Radio 1/Royal Albert Hall
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Music Keynote Speaker
  • Broadcast Journalist
  • Cot Death Health Campaigner
  • GB News TV Host
  • Inspirational Story
  • Inspirational Cultural Change Activator
  • Culture of Kindness & Mindfulness
  • Stress and Anxiety at Work
  • Corporate Profit and Wellness Transformation
  • Strategist in AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Winner of the Prince Abdul Aziz Entrepreneurial Award
  • Highly regarded global speaker
  • Award-winning tech visionary