Johnathan Charles

Johnathan Charles

Jonathan Charles is a strategic communications and geopolitics expert, reputation management consultant and broadcaster.

Jonathan was a familiar voice and face after thirty years on BBC Television and Radio. He was a BBC Foreign and War Correspondent covering some of the biggest stories of recent years, reporting on 29 wars and conflicts including Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Northern Ireland and a host of others, winning several awards for his journalism. 

Jonathan established television operations for the BBC in Brussels and Frankfurt, and operated in many conflict zones throughout the world.

For five years, he presented the television news on BBC1, BBC World News and BBC News Channel.

After leaving the BBC, he spent almost twelve years as Managing Director at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Here Jonathan frequently met world leaders as part of negotiating agreements and helped to run a multilateral institution investing 12 billion Euros a year across three continents. 

Now Jonathan advises presidents, governments and multinational companies on geopolitics, reforms and communication strategies. 

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