Jason Bradbury

Jason Bradbury

Jason Bradbury is the host of The Gadget Show UK & The Gadget Show US. He has worked as a TV presenter and producer on hundreds of shows in a career spanning two decades.

When it comes to gadgets, science, and all things tech, Jason is a force of nature.

His own inventions, which include the world’s first working jet-powered hoverboard, have become legendary with viewers of The Gadget Show.

He is now a very popular technology keynote speaker.

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A captivating blend of infectious energy and seasoned experience.
Gareth Higgins MBE, Managing Director, KMF

Jason’s signature charm and wealth of knowledge took us on a thrilling journey through the evolving AI landscape.
Inspired Business Media Team

The charismatic TV host delivered a brilliant and engaging talk on how technology has changed over the years and how AI is carving a new path.
Dave Meadows, Owner, Pushed

Big shoutout to Jason Bradbury for an electrifying keynote presentation. His entrance on a hoverboard wasn’t just cool – it redefined ‘making an entrance’.
Douglas Hamandishe, Director, Centric Health Media

AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, the future of healthcare, transport…absolute delight to have spent the evening with Jason Bradbury!
Mark Field, Owner, Fresh Digital Media

It’s not every day you get to meet a tech legend! Jason’s energy is just as electrifying off-screen as it is on The Gadget Show.
Iluminet IT Services and Consulting

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