Janine Roebuck

Janine Roebuck

Janine Roebuck is a mezzo-soprano was is equally at home in opera, operetta, oratorio, and popular song, and is particularly good in roles which require a touch of comedy.

However, when she was told at the age of 18 that she was going deaf, many people told her she would have to give up her dreams. Instead, she kept her disability a secrets and went on to become successful in both opera and musical theatre.

She managed to keep the secret for over 30 years, before finally deciding to go public and has since had bilateral Cochlear implants fitted, which has been life changing. Her speech perception in her right ear alone when from 4% to 92% in just three months!

She now gives inspirational talks on how to cope with hearing loss, how she followed her dreams, and how a positive outlook on life helped her achieve her goals.

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I have received so many wonderful compliemnts about our luncheon. Everyone I spoke to said that Janine was the best speaker we have ever had!
Tylney Hall Event

Janine Roebuck’s after dinner speech was simply wonderful, because it had everything that a good speech should have. She is incredibly witty and had us all in stitches. Janine is also fantastically moving in the way that she tells us about her life, but what I took away mainly was how inspirational she is, and how nothing has been too big an obstacle in her life. I have hosted hundreds of events in the past few years and I have never been so moved in so many ways during a 15 minute address. I could listen to it time and time again, and singing was excellent as well!
Wynne Evans, aka ‘Gio Compare’ from the Go Compare Adverts

Janine is a warm and engaging speaker with a twinkling smile whose story is an extraordinary one. Her presentation captivated our audience of young women who were mesmerised by her.
Clarissa Farr, High Mistress of St Paul’s Girls’ School Hammersmith

Janine was presented with The Champion Award in 2009 for her outstanding musical artistry; for making her talent available to a wide international audience; and for her clear demonstration that there are no limitations to what can be achieve if an artist has outstanding ability, passion, and sheer determination. She sand Puccini’s O Mio Babbino Caro at the AMI Awards 2009.
Ability Media International 

Thank you so much for your incredible talk, it was without doubt one of the best I’ve heard and so powerful. You struck a beautiful balance of sharing lived experiences punctuated with humour and some very hard-hitting facts for us all to consider. Everyone who was there was in awe of it!
Allianz Commercial 

I have rarely met anyone so warm, generous and inspiring – and life-affirming in your example of how one can triumph over adversity with your positive attitude. Quite apart from all the inspiration and encouragement you gave to the main hearing-impaired members of our audience, you gave those of us lucky enough to have good hearing, huge insight into your world. I know that I, at least, will be a better teacher and supporter of pupils and friends with their hearing difficulties from now on.x
Canto Song and Voice School

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