Dr Shannon Kelly

Dr Shannon Kelly

Dr Shannon Kelly is a practising doctor working in Ireland, a professional triathlete, speaker and charity ambassador.

As a professional triathlete, Dr Shannon has competed 15 times, has been on the podium 5 and has one win under her belt, achieved at the 2023 Africa Triathlon Aquathlon Championships, held in Sharm El Sheikh.

Before attending an endurance triathlon in France back in April 2019, Dr Shannon was required to undertake ECG and echo heart examinations which discovered a rare clot in her right atrium that could have been catastrophic had it not been located and treated as it was.

Dr Shannon has big goals and aspirations for the future that combine both her love of sport with her medical career. She believes strongly in working hard and reaping the rewards of that hard work, a belief system that has already seen her achieve much success in both arenas.

One of Dr Shannon Kelly’s other goals is to become a role model and advocate in Ireland for female sports, as well as show young girls that they do not have to choose between education and sport. That with diligence, organisation and drive they can be successful in both.

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