Ann is a Flemish voiceover artist who brings the ideal mix of sense and sensitivity. With her velvety fresh, versatile voice and over 15 years of experience, she can handle any role: from a loving mother and enchanting storyteller to a smart businesswoman or a sultry diva.

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Although time flies and ‘the old days’ are always better, some things we continue to enjoy as much as we did the first time. Ann’s voice for example. Just like a fine wine, it keeps getting better with age. We ‘ve worked together hundreds of times and as for me, I can only say that it is always great to work with her, time and again. Let’s just hope she agrees …– Thierry Van Durme – Sonhouse (Brussels)

‘Ann is a versatile voice-over that can sound both invitingly friendly or bubbly and selling. And in addition – not entirely insignificant as well: super professional and always bringing in some sunshine in the studio! It’s a pleasure working with Ann.’ Diederik Decraene – Brandy ‘The Branding Company’ (Brussels):

‘I don’t like cheese, but she díd manage to sell me Philadelphia.’ Fredo Gevaert – Temple of Tune (Kuurne):

‘Ann has a fresh and versatile voice. She gives us just what need ánd more, time and time again. We have always enjoyed working with this talented voice-over and will continue to do so in the future.’– Tom Brillouet – Studio Helsinki (Antwerp):

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